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Assignment changes



Our school was scrambling to find subs yesterday. Two teachers came in and went home sick. A few other teachers were out with the flu.

I went in yesterday for kindergarten. Read the plans, took my son to unpack his belongings, returned to the kindergarten with my son to wait for the students to arrive. I was then advised that I was moved next door to first grade. I agreed then remembered that was the class I refused to ever go back into last fall. Not saying a word, I decided to give it a try. I read over the lesson plans, started to take role, looked up and saw the principal. He was telling the IST that I was flexible. The next thing I knew, he was teaching that class and I was headed to the neighboring first grade class. It seems that teacher had just got sick.

For me, the most stressful part of the day is reading over the lesson plans and making sure I understand how the day should go. I had to read three sets of lesson plans, under pressure. The first set I read while my son was misbehaving. The second two I read as the children were buzzing in around me. I was just so happy to get the day started. Whew!


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what a pro!

A team player. You should walk down the halls in that school like you own the joint. The teachers know. They talk. Believe me they talk, "That Twin2, he/she gets it done".

mme NPB

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I can relate

I agree that digesting those lesson plans can be critical to how the day goes. I try to get the plans the day before, or at the very least, get into the classroom at least 40 minutes ahead of school starting. I don't feel comfortable with what I am doing until I have a good grasp of what the day will be. Unfortunately, subbing brings with it the unexpected and I have been called mid-morning a few times for teachers that suddenly got sick and needed to go home immediately. Twice it was for grade one, the age group who don't usually sit quietly for you while you figure out what to do!! I must say though, that it is those types of last minute situations which keep me on my toes and make life a little more lively. And I agree with Augustus that word gets out pretty fast about the sub who is there in a pinch and who isn't fazed (outwardly at least!) by a "few" changes.


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Puppets in a Pinch

My subbing assignments often have unexpected twists; like the VCR that didn't work yesterday. Instead of following the lesson plan and watching a video about community, I pulled my trusty lion puppet out of the bag and after talking a bit about community, we sang a song together that reviewed the phonics of the alphabet. (We could work in community words like doctor, postman, teacher, etc.) They really enjoyed it and it kept them all engaged. I usually bring my puppets to my sub assignments to help out when lesson plans don't go as planned.


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Sometimes just have to do your best

I have had different days where you just have to do what you can do. A few times I have had where the teacher gave the same assignment or the wrong video and that is what you are supposed to do the whole hour and a half. I have also had where the teacher left lesson plans in junior high and high school that lasted thirty minutes. That can be a hard day especially if you have difficult students.


team players

We really are team players. I always worry that things like that will set me up for a bad day, but it usually works out just fine. I try to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I was taught to do as I was told.

I get upset at subs that come in and try to have things their way. I remember one sub that accepted a job with an elementary class that was going on a trip to a nature center. This was made clear to her when she accepted the job. She knew from her kids having taken this trip each school year that they would be tromping through the woods and crossing streams and such. Then when she got there she realized one of the specials teachers was out and she had not been requested for that position. She wanted that position so bad that she tried to talk the man into trading her positions. When he wouldn't trade, she went to the lead secretary and tried to have her change it for her. The other sub was at least 50 years old and extremely overweight. He was also wearing dress pants, shirt and tie. It wouldn't have been fair to expect him to go on that nature trip, especially on a warm day. This woman was dressed for the trip, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. She is in her 30's and in pretty good shape physically. She thought because she was a preferred sub, and we had not seen this man before, that she would get her way. I was so glad when they refused to change the assignment. She was like a spoiled brat when they refused to change the positions.

I work at one school. I am at the mercy of the teachers and administrators there. They can make or break me. I am a substitute teacher and have to be ready for anything. I can't be too good for what goes along with being a sub. I like being a sub and I love having this board to "vent". Helps keep me from complaining at school!