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associates or bachelors degree



Right now I am elementary education student at a university planning on getting my Bachelors. However, I could transfer a lot of my credits back to my community college to get my associates. I plan to teach pre-k in a private school. I know a lot of private schools will hire teachers with an associates. I've thought about getting my associates degree in May so I could start teaching in the fall. If I stick to getting my Bachelors degree I would have 3 more years of college plus student teaching in the public schools which is not where I plan to teach. So which is better to get, an associates degree or a Bachelors degre?


Don't limit yourself

I wouldn't limit myself by getting an associate degree if you're able to get a bachelor's. I work in a private school, and I know that they'll hire people with associates. However, if you move or have to switch jobs for some reason, you'll always be limited on where/what grade level you can teach.


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Which Is Better?

Since you don't plan to teach in a public school, I'd just get my Associate's Degree; there is alsways the possibility that you will decide that teaching is not for you and then you could pehaps work on a Bachelor's degree in another field. Hope this helps.



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a bachelor's degree is better (IMHO)

If you have the time and money to get a bachelor's degree, you should pursue it. More education, more money. You never know what the future holds: marriage, kids, illness, relocating, school closing, hurricanes and everything else. An education is something no one can take away from you. No one lay down on his/her deathbed and regretted getting an education. Plenty have regretted passing it by.

You might find that pre-k isn't for you: all those runny noses and pants that need zipping not to mention tears and potty accidents. (Personally I think pre-k has more upsides than down). With more education, you have more options to change your mind. If you can get your education now, I think you should do it because later you might have circumstances arise that will keep you from going to college and you might have need of a better education then.


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private schools

I teach in a private school. In our diocese, they will not hire with an associate degree.

If you think that is the direction you want, why not get the assoc. and continue on part time for you bachelors?

Marie from PA


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private schools

If you plan to work in a day care, a associates degree is fine.

If you plan to be a teacher in a pre-school you'll need a bachelors with teacher certification in early childhood education. This allows you to teach prek-3rd grade in most states.

I would definately get at least a bachelors degree.

I have taught in private schools for 8 years, we must have at least a bachelors and teacher certification for any k-8 teacher. Most states mandate it. If your private school doesn't, they may not be a school but a daycare and salaries and benefits are not good at all. With your certification, you can get a decent not grat salary and good benefits.


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You need your Bachelors...

...here's why.

I happen to live in an area where qualified teachers are in abundance - and working at J.C. Penney because they can't get teaching jobs. The private schools are flooded with applicants who are highly qualified, fully degreed and credentialed. You never know - you might end up in the same situation one day. Don't limit yourself by getting just an Associates.


AA or BA

Don't limit yourself by getting an AA if you can get the BA. You say now that you only plan to teach pre-k but you can change your mind once you have had the awesome experience of being w/ primary aged students. I was in your position exactly when I was in college. Did I REALLY REALLY need the BA since my plan was to be a pre-k teacher? I stuck it out, intensive as it was, and got my BA. I fell in LOVE with first grade when I student taught, and have been a 2nd grade teacher now for many years. I don't regret never having had my own pre-k class because I absolutely love being with my 2nd graders. And, if you decide down the road you want to continue being involved w/ education but outside of the classroom, your BA will afford you more opportunities.

May I be nosy and ask why you are considering "selling yourself short"?