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At risk pre-K student can orally blend c/vc

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Can you advise?

I want to move this boy along the road to reading. He has a very poor memory. He knows 10 capital letter sounds all due to the leapfrog letter factory which he will continue to watch daily fir some time yet. He only knows 2 letter names. He’s not actually my student in that I have him all day, but rather just an hour in the afternoon with 10 other kids. I taught him to blend c/Vic words in a big group with others.

Should I do ending sounds? Just stay with sounds? Perhaps try rhyming, although that might be hard for him. How about initial sounds?

I had been been saying 10 nursery rhymes daily for about s monthbut his small group ended two weeks ago. (The director had a more pressing need for me.) We clapped the rhyming words in the nursery rhymes. But now that’s ended.

Dare I combine 3 letters he knows in a written c/v/c format?

He’s very positive right now. I don’t want to undo his progress.

Thanks for any advice.
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I think this was posted before everything went downhill again, but I'll reply just in case you are still looking for advice.

It's pre-K. He's not at risk. I have so many K students come in with no academic background. It has nothing to do with where they will be at the end of K.

Keep doing what you are doing and make it fun and positive for him.


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Thanks so much for your advice!

Well, he actually does have that poor memory compared to the other children his age, and wouldn’t you know, I now have him full time.

I liberally load on the praise, for sure. I just want to give him in particular the most helpful background so I guess I should focus on rhyming if he’s near me in the playground. And beginning sounds after that. In an upbeat and casual way, of course.

I do that stuff and other things for the rest of the class but he doesn’t learn as fast and I just don’t want to overwhelm him.