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At the end of my rope



I have a student in my class who in the past has had teachers recommend him for LD testing, but the parents refused. He's now in third grade, and I'm having so much trouble with him. I'm having a hard time deciding how much of it is laziness, how much is frustration, and how much (if any) is a learning disability. His home life is not ideal, and his mother doesn't have a lot of time to help with homework.

Sometimes this student does a great job, and I wonder why I ever thought he couldn't do something. Then other days he acts like he has NO CLUE about what's going on in class. I try helping him and being patient, but it's so frustrating. He literally needs/wants to be walked through EVERYTHING, and I just can't do it and teach other students at the same time.

I really feel for this kid, and he's a great child. I just don't know what else to do to help him. If I try to ask him questions to help him with an assignment, he will come up with the most absurd answers, which tells me he has absolutely no idea what's going on or what I'm even talking about.

Here are things I've tried:
Examples, examples, examples
Explicit oral and written directions
Scaffolding (Do some questions together, then gradually let him become independent in the assignment)
Try to capture his attention (seems to be the main problem)

I'm at a private school, so we don't have the resources like teams to refer him to or aids to help in my classroom. Any ideas?

c green


If it's a private school, can the administration tell his parents he won't be allowed to continue unless they agree to testing? Would the administration do so? Would the parents give in, or pull the kid and try elsewhere?


Probably Not

Well, if he can't cut it, and he makes poor grades, then he will eventually be asked to leave. It most likely won't happen in the middle of the year, though.