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Atlanta hotels near ballpark



What are some clean midrange ($) hotels near the baseball stadium in Atlanta? Hope to go in June.


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Country Inn

The Country Inns and Suites hotel is right next to the ballpark. It's within walking distance, so even if it costs a little more - it's well worth the money! You have to book it soon, though - they get booked quickly. Enjoy - we're big Braves' fans! :)


Had to say....

I don't have any suggestions but I have to say that I am SOOOOOOO jealous of you! We usually make the eight hour trip one time per season, but I don't think it's happening this year. Have fun!! GO BRAVES!


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You can use a program like travelocity to do some research.

You can get to the park by riding on the public transportation if you choose lodgings a little farther afield. Atlanta has a nice rail service (MARTA). It's possible to hike from the GA State stop (100 others will trek with you on the way home). It isn't really far or daunting. MARTA also has a bus shuttle to take patrons to the Five Points station in the center of town.

I am envious also! When I lived there I often attended games at the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (and I sometimes made that trek to the GA State station). I still haven't been to Turner Field. I married a Marlins fan, sigh.


Hi, I am a local down here. The area around the ball park is being fixed up. It was very ruff but it is getting better. Marta is for the most part safe and I know they have a shuttle that takes you to the ballpark. Don't go to far East or South. Stay around Midtown or north. Colony square area is totally trendy up scale and fun place to see close to everything

1st choice.)Sheraton Midtown Atlanta at Colony Square

Atlanta, GA Area: Midtown/Piedmont

Set in Midtown Atlanta's arts/business district
Part of the Colony Square retail, business, and conference-center complex, this Midtown hotel lies one block from the Woodruff Memorial Arts Center.

Enjoy rates from $125.00 per night between May-25-2006 and Jul-24-2006

2nd choice.)Sheraton Atlanta Downtown-Enjoy rates from $129.00 per night between May-25-2006 and Jul-24-2006
The Sheraton is located in the central business district, one block from the convention center and Georgia State University, and 7 blocks from Centennial ...