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What do you do with the complete disrespectful attitudes of some of your students? I usually have tons of patience, and for the most part really enjoy working with middle school students because they do offer a lot of positives. But...I work so hard and long to just TEACH these kids and when I get attitude for no reason and when I am just tired (third quarter blues), it gets me down. Today, I argued back with an adolescent in front of the class(which I know is the worst thing to do)...and I know it did more harm than good. I was tired and just didn't need the eye-roll and finger snap, and the talking back, and the smirks....What do you do when your patience has just run out and you wish (not really---don't want anyone to think that I would actually do it) just give them a kick in the behind. Where do you draw the line about your own self respect, pride, and just needing basic respect? and how do you get that accross without lecturing? Not that I want butt-kissing...Anyways, had that kind of day! Ahhhh!


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hey, we're all human

of course we've all had days when we reacted just the way you describe and wish we hadn't. Then there are the days when we smile knowingly, like we have a special secret, let it roll off our backs, and choose to focus on the lesson and the other kids. A few times I've just gotten this hurt look on my face, taken a deep breath, grabbed my candy basket, and walked over to the offender, and said in a loud voice and with a horrible overly dramatic flair, gee __________________, have I ever treated you disrespectfully?, to which they must reply no, and I say "phew, thank goodness, I didn't think so, but I just couldn't imagine why you would be treating me this way....well, here, have a candy, you MUST be having a bad hair day or something :)" That usually cracks the whole class up and we all have a good giggle and move on.


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Great Idea!

Kristen, I loved your idea of handling the attitudes and will definitely try it in my 8th grade class!


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Margaret, I have had days like that. Many times I just give the student(s) my look. I have had these students long enough that they know when to stop. If I do have an unruly student that will not be respectful, I try to ignore them. Many times that works because the other students will pay no attention to them, so they do not have an audience. I must say; though, it is not all perfect. Sometimes they just need to be removed from the room because they are interfering with the education of the rest of the students in the class. I do want to add that I think Kristen has a GREAT idea and I am going to try it as well. Have a great day!!


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Kirsten, good thinking!

Kirsten, that is a great idea. Teachers need to be kind and understanding as well as authoritative and having control over the class.