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Our team is doing a culture fair and I am in charge of Australia...
We narrowed our focus to food, language/dress/music, money, buildings, geography...
Any lesson plans or ideas???


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Amy use literature as a base. Mem Fox's book Possum Magic is about two possums going around Australia and in each capital city they eat some food that start with that letter eg Adelaide is ANZAC biscuits. There are some fantastic dreamtime stories by the aboriginals eg Why the emu doesn't fly etc.
Buildings look at Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Our fantastic unique items like the Great Barrier Reef, Ulura (Ayers Rock)
Animals like the dingo, emu, koala, kangaroo.
Music try Rolf Harris or John Williamson have some fantastic Aussie songs eg Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport or True Blue.
Look at ANZAC Day yesterday here what it means. The story of Simpson and the Donkey is fantastic for little chn.
The Wiggles are one of our great groups for small chn. You could just play the music.
If you are selling food or giving food samples I would have a bar b que selling sausages in a small bun and give it a real Aussie name.
ANZAC biscuits are easy to make and sell. Vegemite on bread to taste.
There are lots of posts on Australia if you look in the archives. Any question you think I can help you with please email me. There are lots of Aussies on this board.
From Perth, Western Australia.:)