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authentic reading grades


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Hello! Just wanted to see if there are any ideas of how to get authentic grades for reading in 2nd grade. It seems like report cards only reflect comprehension, but not fluency and accuracy. Fluency and accuracy are difficult to score anyway. Those are skills we track. It is difficult to talk a with a parent about their child having some difficulty in reading when their report card grade is in the 90's.
Just thought I would ask for some ideas or feedback!


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reading grades

I just finished doing my reading grades for the 1st quarter and they do seem inflated and don't truely reflect their overall reading ability. We are looking at new series (I've looked at 5 different companies so far) Many of them are including a variety of assessments of skills, cold reads and fluency. But the series we are using now has none of that. There was a book that I got from a teachers store that you could do a fluency scoring averaging about 3-5 minutes per student. But I still have trouble finding the time to do it.


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3 minute assessments

I just went to Barnes and Noble and the book is called 3 Minute assessments by Tomothy Rasinski and Nancy Padak. Take a look.



We weight our reading grades: 33% phonics, 33% Oral reading and 34% comprehension. Our oral reading grades include fluency, intonation, expression etc. That certainly helps reflect a more accurate grade I think.


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I've never thought about that but

how do you grade expression and intonation? I can understand about fluency. Please let me know, because I alwasy feel my grades are too inflated as well.