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baby shower ideas



One of our co-workers is expecting her fourth child in February and we would like to give her a shower. Any cute, creative ideas? Thanks!!


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I would go at it as a well needed rest for her.

Free babysitting

gift certificates for her and her husband to dine out

maybe a weekend away and you arrange all of the child care etc.


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You might consider using the number 4 in your shower theme. I know when I had baby #4 the main thing I needed was diapers. That and my sanity back! I'm certain that whatever you plan she will greatly appreciate it!


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Neatest activity

THe neatest activity at my shower was for each person to tell something different that they had experienced. Then everyone in the room had to put some money in a piggy bank if they had not done that thing.

My daughter said, "I have never been a mother." This one was great because almost everyone in the room had to put in money.

Someone else said," I have been on a cruise." Everyone who had not been on a cruise had to put in money.

This is a cute way to start a savings for the new bundle of joy.


If you are looking for shower ideas, here's a fun one.

You need small safety pins, white Kleenex and some mustard that has a little food coloring to make it look like....well..... what is in a baby's diaper!
With the kleenex, fold them up to make little diapers, you can seal them with the safety pin. Put the fake "poo" in ONE diaper that looks like all the others. Put another safety pin on the backs of the diapers to attach to the shirt of each guest as they come in and pick one. Later, when playing games, everyone opens their diaper and the person with the "poo" wins a door prize.



I saw two things that I thought were so cute. One was instead of buying those pretty 3-5 dollar cards buy a book and write the child a message in it. It will last longer than a card, cost about the same (for a paper back), and be more useful. The second idea I saw was to make a diaper "cake". What you do is roll up diapers and tie with ribbon. Then you arrange them in two layers by taping them together in a circular pattern with the top layer smaller than the bottom. You can then add rattles, pacifiers, or other baby items on top for decoration. This makes a great hostess gift.