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A really good friend of mine just had a baby and is following the "Babywise" method of parenting. I had never heard of it before, so I did an internet search--and boy, I sure found a lot! The information that I found was almost all very negative, aside from the actual authors. Does anyone have any experience with this method? Should I be as worried as many of the websites say? Thanks for any ideas.


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The whole book/method is very controversial. I think a lot of the peole complaining about it are going on what they have heard or read on the internet rather than reading the book for themselves.

I read the book and took a few things from it. It talks about having a routine. We used the eat, play, sleep routine. I did not let him cry himself to sleep like suggested in the book though.


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I hope that my opinion won't be perceived as offensive. I am of the sentiment that if you are really ready to be a parent and know anything about kids and have common sense, you don't need a book to tell you what to do. You know that saying, Kids don't come with instruction manuals? Well, apparently they do now! While I think there is certainly value in some reading material, books like this one mentioned just make me want to roll my eyes.

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Did it and loved it!

This worked for me. The whole idea is to have a schedule for your baby and this will help him/her sleep throught the night by 8 weeks. Both of my girls selpt through the night by 6 weeks.

I think this worked for me because this is my personality. I am very much into structure and the whole idea made a lot of sense to me.

However, I'm a firm believer that what works for one person may or may not work for another. Don't try it unless you think it makes sense for you and your family.

Good luck!


be careful

My sister gave me this book when I had my daughter. She read it some - I read it. I can see why it is very controversial. I don't think you should follow it word for word. BUt the general idea of schedules, etc is good. HOwever, I don't agree with putting wee little ones of only a few weeks old on such strict schedules. You need to be the mom and adjust to your child's needs in those early weeks for feeding/sleep/ etc. But the general schedule idea is pretty good.

ONe thing I did (actually BEFORE reading the book) was to wake my daughter at the same time each morning (after she started being more consistent with her sleep). So by 8 weeks I was waking her at 8:00 every morning, no matter what. I had a friend who thought I was crazy to wake her. BUt what it did for us was to set a routine for her naps and bedtime. Obviously if she was sick or had a bad night I wouldn't be so strict, but for the most part I followed it and within a few weeks she was waking on her own very happily around 8:00 and has ever since. It helped set her clock. But not everything works for everyone, and not every book has good advice. You have to pick and choose and follow your gut with how your raise your children!