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Back to school sales!


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Oh how I used to dread those 4 little words! Like Christmas sales, I always felt the advertising started way too early for my liking. Probably because this was just another way to be haunted about the beginning of a new year of hussle bussle and no more down time. But now as I saw that first big Staples ad looming at me, I had a great big smile. In addition, I will be saving money by not running out to buy materials for the students who I know will need supplies. Life just keeps getting better with my new found freedom!


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Your post title actually sent a shiver of dread down my spine, until a millisecond passed and I realized I no longer had to participate!:D:D:D

Miss V. Swamp

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Back to School Sale

Wow! We don't have to worry! Each summer, I spent lots!!!! Now I just have to sell my stuff. I am having a huge sale July 30th!


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$ saver

Now that we are retired, we don't have to spend all that money on Back to School Stuff for our classrooms and students. That's why we can live on our retirement $$. :D<!--eyebrow-->


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Just curious how you are selling .... garage sale, craigslist????? I still have stuff to get rid of.


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I almost panicked!

I saw the Back to School Sale display at Walmart yesterday and again almost panicked! Then I just smiled and told my friend that I could just skip right on by the sale. Life is good. I'm busy learning to relax so that takes practice, practice. practice!


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what a kick this is now

went to the beach last week (YEAH!). stopped in a
target on the way and was "surprised" by my first
BTS banner(s). i took a picture on my phone and sent
it to my bf who is also retired. said a silent prayer of
thanks that it (the banner) didn't have the same power
to freak me out that it once did.:D


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Back-to-School Sales

I feel the same way about the aisles of school items at Walmart. I keep thinking I need to be looking for some good deals and it's such a nice feeling not having to gather all those bags of supplies together. I always tried to find the lowest price before buying everything. No worries now!!



my first year since age 5 of not going to school in the fall.

part relief and part sadness.

Sometimes I smile and walk by the fresh pens, pencils, etc. Other times I nearly cry in the store! I shall NOT miss the early mornings, paperwork, smart mouths, and interruptions, but oh, my do I miss my high school kiddos and teaching. At least the idea of teaching the way it used to be.


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i am probably the only one who loves back to school sales! i KNOW around christmas, kids will be out of paper, pencils, etc... i like stocking up now. it makes me feel so ahead of the game! my favorite thing in the world is stocking my cabinet at the beginning of the year. i'm moving to a new school/town this year, and the idea of moving all my new stuff in excites me! i want my closet to look like a walmart when i open it :)


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congratulations- you are still a motivated teacher and not ready to be retired. i remember getting all excited like that. i just meet with a young woman from my church who just finally got her first "classroom" all to herself in 3rd grade (which i taught my last 11 years). she is sooo excited and it was nice to give her what stuff i had left as well as recommend some websites, etc. my first recommendation was PROTEACHER.COM. have a great year!!!


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I still

enjoy them but only because I have a son going into 3rd grade! I need to buy stuff for HIM but not ME!:D It also reminds me that I get all of my freedom back when he goes back to school.<!--sing-->


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I had fun passing up the sales this year. I spent around $500 last year getting ready for school. I don't miss spending it. This year I am decorating my guest room and enjoying it.

Carrie Sue

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I still buy the sale items, I can not seem to pass up those 49 cent packs of pens and quarter crayons. I have two baskets full from the last couple years since I retired. The items come in handy for my grandson and for teacher friends