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Back to work

Ms. K

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So, I have to head back to work tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow. However, the CA ed code states that if a Federal holiday falls on a Sunday, all schools will be closed on the following Monday. Does anyone have any ideas of how my very public school could make an exception and force us to work? I work for a charter school which means no union so I can't get help there. Are there any reprocussions that our school could face by forcing us to be at work tomorrow?

Thanks for any info.

Bonnie gr. 2

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You're not the only ones

We are also going back to school tomorrow. In New Jersey, banks also have the option of opening tomorrow. There was an article in the paper the other day about the fac that many schools are in session on January 2. In our area, we traditionally start school after Labor Day. Since Labor Day was late this year, many schools feel they need to be in session Jan. 2. We have many other days that we close. One superintendent said that a day in January is worth more than a hot day in June (no air conditoning). We get out the third week in June.


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back on the 3rd

We go back tomorrow. That will make the week go by at school a little more quickly. :) I have been trying to get myself back in gear today: looking over what I did before the break, going over materials, writing plans... Tomorrow will be here, and then my challenge will be to keep kids who are accustomed to going to bed late awake.

I am not sure about CA forcing its teachers to go back to school. If it's the law, I don't see how they can do that to you.


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Back to School

In south Alabama, we teachers returned to work today, though my hubby (a Federal Employee) had the day off! That stinks! Today was officially a work day, and work I did! Tomorrow, we'll have in-service meetings ALL DAY. Grade level meetings would be much more practical and productive...in my humble opinion. :)

We do have 1 week off in March, followed by another week off in April, so I can't really complain. The alarm clock just went off WAY Too early today!


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Jan 2 was a work day 4 me

We got out on Thurs Dec 15. Our high school is on a semester 4 block schedule and their teachers had a planning day on the following Friday. We could have worked that day instead of today, but I was more ready to come back today than to return on that Friday! We've been in school since the first week of August and get the semester finished before Christmas. We get out for the summer before Memorial Day. It's great because summer isn't quite so intense that early and in August you might as well work as it's too hot to get out of the air conditioning. I sometimes wish we didn't get much more than a 4-day weekend for Spring Break as it often falls near the end of the school year. I wouldn't mind an even longer summer vacation!


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I go back tomorrow, and I am feeling so less than ready. I was sick for about two months before our break so I spent most of the break trying to get well. Now that I am somewhat better and have some energy, I want to accomplish all of those projects I had planned to do. Oh well. I am grateful I had the week before Christmas to get ready, so many of my friends in other schools got out two days before Christmas. They get to laugh now though.
Have a great New Year-sorry you had to go back today.:s)