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bad evaluation


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I need help! I had an evaluation that was bad. My principal told me in nice words that my classroom managment sucks. I need help quick so that maybe I can still be hired back next year! Thanks for any ideas, websites, anything!


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ask him for help

Ask him for help. It will show that you respect his/her (you didn't specify) opinion and are open to suggestions. He may have some good suggestions for you. Or, it could be that you are usually fine, but that one lesson was a little out of hand. We have all had those days!!! Just ask what you could have done differently and I think you should be just fine.



How are transitions from one subject to the next? Be sure students are equipped themselves to be ready for the next thing. Create a routine and consistently implement the everyday activities. So much falls into place if you smooth your transitions. It's easy to do the same ones everyday, too, so you have an expected and consistent routine.

Do you have DEAR or SSR right after lunch? Books should be on their desk ready as soon as students return from class--their job is to come straight in, sit down and read.

Do they have a folder for writing or workbook for math? Even if you are teaching or doing a lesson first, a good way to transition is to have them get that item ready, without opening it, so you won't have to wait on anyone when the time comes to scrounge around in their desks. As they move around the room (i.e. doing activities away from their desk) give them a specific job to do as they return to their desk, even if it's just sitting still and eyes on the teacher.


I would find another teacher who has good classroom management skills and meet with that person to discuss class management plans. Maybe you can observe that person possibly on your prep time.

Ask your principal if he/she has any recommendations for a class or something you could take. Proactive and show him that you want to improve.

Websites may be okay, but I think it could be more beneficial to talk to and observe another teacher.


advantages and disadvantages

wow! When I student taught, the principal totally ignored me. He didn't talk to me except for the one time I went to his office to introduce myself. Never once responded to emails or anything.
I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to get a bad eval.