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Bad Mouthing A Colleague



At my school, we input grades on the report card (computer system) for all our enrichment & spec classes.
A couple of my colleagues did not agree with the grades that one enrichment teacher gave to her students. These teachers are now bad mouthing and questioning her grading in the lounge, hallway, and grade level meetings...

I did not speak to my principal, but someone close to me did and asks them to put a muzzle on their unprofessional behavior!

I support my colleague, but was too chicken to tell my principal what was happening. Now, my colleagues are giving me the silent treatment b/c I supported her and they THINK that I tattled on them.

I had a great relationship with them before this incident!

Does time heal all wounds?!?!

Please share your wisdom :-(


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I am sorry to hear you are having this problem.

It sounds to me like you need to have a face-to-face with your "friends." Let them know your side of the story and let them know how hurt you were by their behavior toward your colleague and yourself. If they do not like it...too bad! Remind them how they would handle this if it had happened to their students...sounds like bullying to me!


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be a professional

Don't forget that the same people who are giving you the silent treatment are the same ones who feel so superior to qualified professional colleagues that they will degrade and insult those professionals when they don't agree. These people are not worth having as friends. Simply work professionally alongside them. Sometimes you find out things about people that totally turn around your perception of them. Acknowledge the truth that you have learned about them. It's not always easy to do the RIGHT thing. Whether you did it or not, don't back down on your position.

Eventually, as you treat them professionally, they will either do the same or become spotlighted in their nastiness.