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bad year

cincy teacher

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Have any of you had one of those years where you feel like you are always off work? This year my daughter had a hernia repaired. (I did plan it so that the bulk of her recovery time was over spring break.) My dad's doctors found cancer. I was out for his surgery. My mom is having surgery next month.It is enough to make my head spin. I feel really bad taking off, but I have to constatly remind myself that family has to come first. My administrator is not married and does not have children, so I don't know that she really understands.We are supposedly in a situation where sub money is very limited. I have explained to her that this is just a really bad year for me. It seems like I have taken more sick days this year than I have in my 12 years of teaching combined.

c green

Run of bad luck

The lady in the next room to mine is having a difficult year with her health, and has been out a lot. I know it's awkward, but family does come first, and nothing you're describing is even slightly frivolous. If you've got a record at this school, and haven't taken a lot of time in the past, then they're just gonna have to cope...


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Had a year like that last year when my kids both got chicken pox (yes they were innoculated but still got a light case). My mother-in-law had a lingering illness that resulting in her death. Then my brother-in-law also passed away unexpectedly. I seemed to always be out of the classroom either for personal reasons or to attend a workshop. This year has been very quiet. I think I've missed only 2 days due to doctors' appointments.

I hope things improve for you and that you can get into a good routine next year.


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Everyone has them.

My sis in law had a year where she was in an accident, which resulted in a six week home stay, a miscarriage, a week home, and both of her children had mono and had to be in bed for another six weeks combined. Her husband had two deaths which they had to travel for and that was another week. The next year she missed one day. I think some years are just rough. Hang in there.