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Banana croquettes don’t sound all that bad



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Old-fashioned dishes

The ham and bananas get my vote for the worst. None of them look good.
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Oh c’mon, those aren’t real, are they? I like reading recipes and I’ve never seen any of these. I think I’d remember that crown roast of hot dogs. And so would Aikman.


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Regrettable food

I love this very weird category of strange, old foods and recipes.

You must read “The Gallery of Regrettable Food” by James (?) Lileks. Actual recipes from the 40’s through the 60’s, complete with actual photos and truly snarky comments.

Pretty sure no food was off limits to be turned into as aspic.


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I was thinking the hotdogs standing would be good if that was sauerkraut w/ mustard and onions in the middle, but nooooo.....

Looks like people were cleaning out the 'frig. trying to come up with a new recipe. :rolleyes:


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DH saw that the pink noodle salad was described as "something children would enjoy?" and his response was," Where are these children? Did they run out of glue sticks and crayons to eat?" LOL