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Bathroom rule activities


UW Teacher

i was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas on bathroom rules. I want to teach the teacher some specific bathroom rules along with having them do an activity that goes along with learning the rules. It may be a simple song or game. Any suggestions would be wonderful.



Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Flush the Toilet
When you're Through!

The students made paper roses and paper violets and I have the poem posted in the classroom restroom along with their colorful art.


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Silly but it worked

Long time ago when I was doing preschool programs, the children would call it "the Magic Flush" --- flush and everything disappears - just like a magician makes things disappear.:)

MI Kinder

Here's a good one...

I learned this at a conference and it worked REALLY well. By leading the class through the process, they 'police' the bathroom by themselves and I don't need to chime in at all w/ reminders.

*When my class moved from our temporary bldg. to our new one, with a bathroom located in our room, we had quite a few 'surprise' door openings, etc.

The kids and I charted:
What is important about using the bathroom?
I wrote down everything they came up with. All of it child-driven and very on target. (there were about 8 things)

We reviewed the rules and I made a stop/go sign with the whole group to place on the door.

After about a week+ I said 'there are too many words on this chart. Let's see if we can make it easier to read'. We condensed it down to 4 rules and I took pictures of each (knock-hand knocking, flush/handle, etc and very brain compatible).

I posted the chart on the bathroom door and the best part...THEY FOLLOW IT and if somebody doesn't, they take care of it.


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Hand Washing

In addition to the usual rules about bathroom etiquette, I have had an ongoing battle of handwashing with my students. Kindergarteners are notoriously bad about washing their hands properly. One of the most helpful things I have found was a handwashing program that was sent to me free of charge from Johnson & Johnson (I think). It contains several adaptable lesson plans about germs and a UV light and lotion that let the students see how easily germs pass from hand to hand and how casual hand washing doesn't get the germs off. I use this program at the beginning of each school year and I repeat it whenever I feel that the children are becoming lax in their handwashing diligence.