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bathroom talk




I have a boy in class who is constantly using bathroom talk (parts and function). It starts as soon as he walks in the door. He has lost priviledges, been sent out of the room, notes have been sent home. His mother told me they allow that kind of talk at home. So she is no help.

Any other ideas on how to get him to stop? A few parents have complained to me about his words also. Thanks!


Senior Member
last year we had a problem with all of the boys doing that. The principal allowed one week to do a lesson on body functions. Their vocabulary words were something like: flatulence, bowel, urine, intestines, anus. After that, they stopped talking about it after they realized how gross it was.


parent to parent

In similar situations, I have asked the offended parent if they would be willing to speak to the parent whose child is offending others. If this parent must come in to confernenceface to face with another parent, she might take action at home. It has worked for me in certain situations. Good luck!