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Because of Winn Dixie movie

Kim in La

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I just watched this movie tonight after reading the book this summer. I loved it! I really want to show it to my class after we read the book (3rd grade). However, it is rated PG and we aren't suppose to show that, only G rated movies. The movie only had 2 cuss words...dammit and hell. Has anyone else shown this movie to their class? I was wondering about fast forwarding through those 2 parts...since its just one word each.


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I showed the movie

I too read the book to my class. I thought they would enjoy the movie, so I asked permission. My principal said that as long as I notified the parents, it would be alright. I didn't have any parents object.

I um...had a little "coughing" spell when Otis says d..... and regarding hell: they are speaking about the place. I explained that to my students when we read the book and everyone was alright with it when they heard it in the movie.

Good luck! It is definitely worth the effort!


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Me too

I'm going to show the movie also. I am going to send home a note to parents giving them the option to exempt their child from watching. I think children today are exposed to much worse and I don't think parents will have a problem with it.



I don't see a problem with it, but I would hate to see you get in trouble for it. Is it possible to send a note home with parents? You could explain why you are showing it, note the rating, explain that it uses 2 swear words, and tell them that they can call you if they have a question about what the words are. Then include a permission slip at the bottom. Have the parents sign it and have them place a check an X next to if they want their child to see it or not. I would also explain to the kids either at those parts, before the movie, or after the movie that swearing is not appropriate, etc. For those who are not allowed to see it, I'm sure you can find an alternate activity. I would also talk it over with your principal because he or she may still not want it shown even with a permission slip.


Last year our 3rd grade classes went to the theatre and watched the movie. I was very surprised because my school district is STRICT on showing movies and ratings.

Apparently, because it was tied to the curriculum (it was read aloud), and the parents gave their permission, they were allowed to see it.

I think you should definitely talk to your principal. If he says you can't show it, then of course, don't show it. If he gives you permission, I would send a permission slip home with students. Offer an alternative activity for those who may not be able to see it.


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I agree with the PG rating on that movie.

I'll tell you some problems I had after that movie, which we saw at the movie theater (field trip). One girl who had experienced a loss in the family had a very rough reaction to it, and another girl (these are both fairly mature girls) was deeply affected by the mother leaving. Sometimes seeing other people's pain visually is very difficult. You might want to send the permission slip home and attach a review or a summary of it.