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Bed Bugs!



It seems, due to having company sleeping and stacking the bags by the sofa, we have bed bugs. This is freaking me the heck out!

I had an exterminator come out today and 2 more coming out tomorrow. The major infestation is the sofa, but there are signs that they are moving to the bedrooms. My first thought is to take the sofa in the yard and set it on fire! I am really not joking when I say that. However, my concern is the bugs that we do not see. I do not want to get a new sofa and still have the issue. The price to treat the house is $4000!
From everything that I have read, these bugs are hard to get rid of, but we do not have that kind of extra cash around. The only thing I know to do is pay cash for what we can and use credit cards for the rest.

DH is wanting to try to treat it ourselves. I do not think this is going to work. I think in the long run we will have to have the house professionally done any way, after we spend a crap ton of money trying to do it ourselves. I have more more companies coming out tomorrow for an estimate.

Has anyone successfully been able to take care of this themselves? My house is clean. We are not dirty folks, but this is a bit embarrassing!


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A co- teacher bought a bunk bed from a local buy-sell-trade that apparently had them. They ended up throwing those beds away, tearing up all the carpet in their bedrooms and replacing all their mattresses in addition to having their house treated. They painted and sealed the bunk beds before bringing them in to their house and the bugs survived it! They don’t play! Toss the sofa!!

Seeing hiker1’s post reminded me that they took all their bedding to the laundry mat and washed it in HOT water, and they also put things liked throw pillows and stuffed animals in the freezer for a few days.
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Bedbugs aren't because of a dirty house. Bedbugs are because bedbugs got into the house and warm blooded creatures live in the house.

I have not had them, but I remember my grandparents talking about what people used to do because so many people had bedbugs.

I'm so sorry.

Happy to hear you are getting other opinions. Make sure they are really bedbugs.


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"If you wash or dry your clothes at the hottest temperature, your risk of catching bed bugs through shared machines is minimal. “Basically what goes into the dryer at high heat for half an hour comes out safe as long as it is not overloaded. ... Note that some bugs or eggs could survive a cold water wash"

I would get rid of the sofa and never invite the guests back.


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IMHO the guests that brought them in should accept responsibility by paying to get them out. Thats what responsible adults do. Guests who blow off this obligation would never be invited back and that would be the end of the friendship. Just sayin...


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Pitch the sofa. Get it out of your house now. Be sure to mark it or make it so no one would want it before you put it out.

If the bedbugs haven’t made it to your mattresses yet —and you can check — go get the bedbug proof mattress and box spring covers. Walmart has them. Put them on now and make sure to seal them tight and don’t puncture them.

Move your beds away from the walls. And if you have headboards — move them away from your mattresses. Bed bugs will go where their next meal will be — and that’s where people sleep.

You can put saucers with diatomaceous earth in them and put the legs to your bed in them.

If you decide to go with an exterminator — make sure they offer you a guarantee. $4000 is a big price tag — are they doing a heat treatment on your house?

Do your research — there’s plenty of info on the Internet.

I’m sorry — bed bugs are the worst! My dd has them in a college apt. She had to pitch most of her furniture.


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I am so sorry

Our area (not house) had a huge outbreak of bed bugs a few years back. I think they started from hotels, moved into apts, and into schools. None of us have couches or pillows in our classrooms anymore because of that time. I have seen the bites they make on kids.
The bites are awful! I think you do need to take the couch out and burn it, asap, seriously.
Then go with the pros who give you a guarantee that if the bugs return, they will come back and do the job again for free. I know 4K is a lot to spend, but I think it is the best way to go. Even the pros have to return sometimes. The longer it gets put off, the worse it gets.
The only other option I can think of is renting a tiny (cheap) place, buying new clothes and bedding, and staying there as long as it takes their eggs to die. ( Taking nothing with you.) Or taking nothing w/ you, and staying w/ a friend or family member until there is no possible way BB could be there still.
A friend of mine brought lice into my house 1x which I know is not as bad, but what a pain!


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Did they already know about the bugs?

What a shocking thing to discover after your company leaves!

I would certainly inform them of the "gift"they left behind, they would need to treat their belongings in their house,also ! I also would insist that they get a hotel room the next time they come to town, and maybe do your visiting at someplace other than your house!

Were they not aware of the bedbugs before they came to your house, or did they pick them up staying in a hotel when traveling to your house?


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Oh so sorry this has happened to you. All I have to offer is my sympathies. I’ve never had bed bugs or lice in my house, and I’d react just the way you did.

I’m itchy now, just thinking about it all.

Good Luck!


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We had them.

We paid to have the house heated. I did not want to have to wash everything, sweep endlessly, etc. They came in, heated the house, and when we returned, they were all gone. We knew that applied to mattresses and couches etc. Now, we leave our luggage outside on the porch for at least a day when returning from a trip.


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I would have the house heated. If bedbugs are in the couch, they've probably already traveled to other areas of the house. They can even travel through electrical outlets.



Unfortunately, telling the guest not to come back is not that easy, but precautions will need to be taken from here on out. She is family and due to extended family situations she needed to be here to help out. Our sofa was the only spot for her because other family was in the extra room. Needless to say, we have a lot going on and family had to pull together, which was nice, except for this! I do not think she knew about the bugs. She just moved from an apartment into a house with a friend, but she would absolutely make a "nest" around the sofa when she came. DH said from here on out she strips at the door and her belongings do not come in!

As far as the rest, what a mess! During yesterday's inspection, 2 bugs were found in our room and 1 casing in DD's room. I am hoping we caught it in enough time before it got too far out of hand. We can put a mattress casing on DD bed, but the guy said they did not make them for our bed due to the type of bed we have. I am going to do some digging and see if I can find one some where though.

They are wanting to do the heat treatment to the house. From what I have read, that is the best thing to do. However, for $4000 bucks, they only want to give a 60 day warranty. He said they have been on the sofa for a couple of months and we are just now noticing them. Granted, we really do not use the sofa that much for us to have known earlier, but it scares me to drop that much money for it not to get rid of them and then have to pay it again. That much money, I need a better warranty!

We have 2 more company's coming out today. I am going to see what they say. They said to leave the sofa a lone for right now, but after they leave today, the sofa will be out of the house and in the fire pit. I did not sleep worth a flip last night! This wigs me out!!!!

Ugggh! Right here when I am supposed to start back to work! We really needed nothing else to deal with right now.


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Several cases popped up at our schools a couple years ago. Affected classrooms and hallways were vigorously sprayed every couple of weeks. We were told the bed bugs die within 6-8 hours of crossing the chemicals. But, they continually sprayed to get any stragglers/babies/eggs.

Heat kills bed bugs. Running your DRY clothes or other fabric items through the dryer for 30 minutes kills them.

But to answer your question - just pay the professionals. It’s very pricy to begin with, don’t mess around with this problem.