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Beginning of year benchmarks

Language Arts | Writing 


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Can anybody tell me the fluency rate for beginning of the year first graders? Also, what are you hoping/expecting first graders to know or benchmarks at the beginning of the year in language arts? Thanks


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this might help


Reading fluency began as a test for and reflection of comprehension. Fast oral reading has since become a goal for itself, sometimes unrelated to comprehension.

I'm thinking that other language arts benchmarks will relate to the reading program you are using. There are different areas of focus for different programs. Some want alphabet or sight word recognition, some have phonemic awareness or letter-sound correspondence levels.

There are many reading level charts on line. Most are in agreement. You want to have a set of "little books" that have mid-level complexity for each level to use to assess student reading. There are test books provided by various publishers.


There ought to be people at your school giving you this information for your particular program.