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behaving for a sub

Kel. my Belle

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Wow, I had a meeting yesterday afternoon and my class was just awfull for the sub. So today even though it is the last day before a holiday we are working silent all day. My students are miserable and they all wrote me letters about what went wrong yesterday. I feel terrible that we could not have a fun day like everyone else, but even the principal had to come into my room and calm them down yesterday. I know I will be missing a day in a couple of weeks so I really felt like I needed to get my bluff in and nip it in the bud.

Any suggestions for how I could have handled it better or for getting students to behave with a sub?


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I don't have any good advice, but maybe you are getting the point across to the kids. Next time you have a sub maybe they will remember this and change their act!


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I always ask the sub for a list of students (helpful and not so helpful) that way when I return if there was a problem I can address the students who were responsible. Unfortunately, one misbehaving student can lead the others down the wrong path. I have had to use the same consequence before and it seemed to work. However, I know classes that it would not matter what you did a sub is an excuse to party. I try to sit with the class the afternoon before I will be absent and set my expectations clearly. I have also had terrible subs (not all of them of course) that encouraged the inappropriate behavior or did nothing to discourage it. I dont think you should feel responsible (do what you can to set a correct precedent of course). You have no control when you are not present. That being said I am always embarrassed to hear that my students were poorly behaved. Sometimes them knowing how "sad" that made you will mean more than anything else. I would also add that it is the Holidays and increased behavior is sure to occur. Good Luck.


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sub behavior

I agree with you - you had to nip it now. I strongly believe in making it miserable for them while others were spending the day "having fun". I always tell my students, " I give nothing - you must earn it." When they get a special activity or an extra recess, they feel wonderful knowing they worked hard and behaved wonderfully - in other words they earned it.


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If possible

I always tell my students ahead of time that I will be out.

I also repeat "Good things happen to people who behave". This goes for PE, library, assemblies, and subs.

When I return there is a treat for the ones who behaved. It may be a small snack (Little Debbie cake), free drawing time in the afternoon, or a small trinket (holiday pencil). This seems to help especially if someone does not get the treat.

Hope that helps!:)


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Company Behavior

When I am out- for a meeting for an hour, or a day we discuss company behavior. We talk about when it is us in the classroom it is like home and being with your family. But when company comes to dinner your parents expect you to behave in a different way- better! We often discuss this and how I feel embarrassed when they do not make good choices, just like there parents might is they were not behaving at someone else's house or when there was company.

There is also a warning ahead of time that misbehavior will result in a loss of recess to write apology notes as well as a call home. They know that if the sub writes down their name this will happen.



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My kiddos earn tickets for a drawing on Fridays. I encourage the sub to do the same. I was out last Monday and Tuesday and although my kiddos are pretty good behavior wise, she said she gave out many tickets.........