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Being observed


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I need help. I am being observed soon and was thinking of doing a lesson on nouns for my first graders. Does anyone have any ideas for a good lesson on nouns? Or does anyone have any other good language arts lesson ideas?


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I play a little game with them... I have a lot of words , mostly nouns written on index cards. Then in the room I have four big signs, one person, one place, one thing, and one other. I hand out the index cards and say go... they move to the sign that fits their card. They then have to say aloud their card's word and the sign they are standing under... "frog.. thing" "doctor...person" we go around the room and do everyone,, when we get to the other sign we have them say the name and if they can tell me what it is or we say pass and someone in the other groups may help.. i do a lot of adjectives and verbs in that group.

i hope this helps,, if not this way you can do some variation. by the way i have enough cards to do this at least twice :)


This may be too late for your observation this year but you might use it again next year.

I use the story about the old lady who swallowed a fly.

I have a puppet with all of the animals she swallowed. We read the poem previous to the lesson where I use the puppet.

After going through all of the animals (with them still inside the old lady), I begin to remove them one at a time and we make a list of all their names. I discuss that all of these animals are things. This leads to the definition of nouns.

Then I teach them the noun jingle (from the Shurley method of teaching language). It goes like this: This little noun, floating around, names a person, place, or thing. With a nick,nack paddy-wack. These are English rules. Isn't language fun and cool? (sing to the tune of "This Old Man")