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best deal


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OK shoppers---who got the best deal today? How crazy were the stores? I usually don't go out today to shop but my 13 year old wanted to. I complied this afternoon and it wasn't too bad. No one was crabby and I picked up a few things--1 actually a Christmas gift:) the others were for us just because.


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4:00 Am

I was at Penney's at 4:00 with my daughter. She loves the hustle and bustle of it all. I didn't get much. Getting the items wasn't bad, but waiting an hour to pay for them stunk! I only do it for my daughter.


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Hey garnet...

...underneath the Black Friday~Deals post several posts down, there are people (including me) who have posted about their deals and experiences. Check it out!:s)


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I don't know if it was the best deal but it was pretty lucky.

I went to Best Buy (crazy idea from the start) to pick up a 9 inch digital picture frame for my grandma. I get to the store and they have some, great!! I grab one and head for the checkout. I keep walking down the line trying to find the end. The line wrapped around the entire inside of the store. I said that nothing was worth waiting for that and tossed the frame up on a shelf and walked out. Later, after I had made my other stops, I came back to Best Buy. There were some movie deals I wanted to see if they still had. I came in and the frame I wanted was all gone. I just wonder... I went back to where I had dumped the one earlier and there it was!! I grabbed that and a movie and headed to the empty check out lines. Two hours of my life save. Lesson learned. Grab what you want and hide it for later!! LOL

I think that find was Karma paying me back for the Walmart episode. I was at the pallet waiting for the shrinkwrap to be torn off. When 5 am came everyone pushed forward. I was trapped against the boxes and got bruised in my legs from the corners on the boxes. I got the DVD player I wanted but couldn't get out. I helped a little old lady get out and was still trapped. I just started grabbing the things closest to me and started handing them back to the people behind me. I figured if they got their stuff they'd leave and I could get out. I was stuck there for a few minutes. People in the back got the stuff they wanted, I got mine and still got out fairly safely. Somebody please tell me. Why do we do this every year?:confused:


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Best Deal1

I didn't go out either! I spent over $360+ on auto repair this morning. I'm looking for an HDTV 42in. Did anyone get a deal on one today?

I'm going to check online too before I make a purchase.


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I did!

DH and I hit Target, JC Penney, Sears, and Wal-Mart. Except for the stockings all the shopping for our 2 daughters is finished! They get identical gifts this year, to lessen the arguing and hurt feelings.

Here are my scores, by store:
scooters for $18 each
24 pack of playdoh for $5 each
Sleeping bag set for $6.99 each

Giant Care Bears (Share and Bedtime) $10 each
Trouble and Twister $5.88 each
Xmas Cabbage Patch Kid $10 each

JC Penney
2 Webkinz frogs $14.99 each

Sears was a present for me - a 3-in-1 blanket. Very soft and snuggly. Nice knowing what I'll open on Xmas morning!

Also scored a set of Rubbermaid containers for my mom and some sleep pants for DH. DH also bought himself 2 120 piece bags of MegaBloks. Says he needs more to build the ultimate tower. :rolleyes: We've already got approximately 500 - he just has to have 240 more! What a man!!!

I didn't get anything for myself right now. I might but didn't today. It was SO fun - we left the house at 4:45 and were home at 7:15. Crowds weren't too bad either! Just COLD and windy here in Atlanta! We are visiting for the weekend.

I figured we saved at least $100 - probably a little more!:D :D :D

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My best deal was the $84 portable 10 inch DVD player at Target. I also got the printer I wanted from Best Buy online at the Black Friday price the night before, and it's already shipped! I had a chance to use a 10 dollar gift card i was sent from Chef Central, a local cooking store, 10 dollars in a coupon from Petsmart, and a 25% off e-mail coupon from Talbot's, as well as some jewelry gifts on sale and some clothing that was 50% off plus my additional Kohl's 15% coupon I had. Not a bad shopping couple of days at all!:p