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Best K Songs

Keep Going

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What are some of your all time favorite learning and movement songs for K? I'm looking for some new ideas to try next year. Thanks! :)


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class favorites

My ipod is at school but the songs that we do over and over are: Alphardy (dr. jean),
Bean Bag Alphabet Rag (got on itunes), and Tooty Ta (dr. jean). If you go to the itunes store and search for movement/kindergarten songs, you'll find a lot. I spent a lot of time in the summer looking for good ones. I'll add more when I have my ipod handy...


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Lettercise -- Dr. Jean
Rhyme and Move -- Jack Hartman
I Like to Count It -- Shari Sloane
Letter Pop -- Shari Sloane
Heidi Songs -- sight word songs


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We like -hip hop alphabet by jack hartman, -they love beaver call by dr jean (why I don't know it drives me batty) copy cat letter boogaloo by kathy griffins (got this from teacher pay teacher), -vowel bat (loved by all classes every year )-Pizza Hut dr jean-silly pirate song jack hartman-if you know your letter sounds kathy griffin oh i could go on and on. I hope i have added at least a few for you


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My kiddos love

Tooty Ta by Dr. Jean
The Freeze by Greg and Steve
Countdown to Blastoff by Jack Hartman
The Cool Bear Song by Dr. Jean
Looking for Dracula by Charlotte Diamond


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Kinder songs

Have fun teaching songs
THey have all the letters songs and phonics songs. These are on YouTube. Also on YouTube. Harry kindergarten. They love all of these.


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i LOVE music ;)

* Mark D. Pencil & Friends (from iTunes) has some of my kiddos faves this year: Following Directions with Exercise, Do you know your alphabet?, and Numbers help me count.
* Carole Peterson: Sticky Bubble Gum, The Little Fish, Gifts for Mommy, and The Turkey Hop.

My always favorites are *Jack Hartmann, *Dr. Jean, *Greg & Steve, *Ella Jenkins, and *Raffi (too many songs to list!!!) They are my go-tos daily for both learning songs & great movement songs.

* Hap Palmer has some goodies too: Five Little Monkeys, Sammy, and Rock and Roll Freeze Dance.
* Stephen Fite: Hello, My Name is Joe, Hand Jive, Mr. Rabbit, and Herman the Worm.
* Charlotte Diamond: Octopus and The Garden Song.

Hope that helps!


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Pete the Cat...

was my class favorite this year. There are two books out now that I know of and they love both of them. I think you can download the song from harpercollins online. They look at the book on the ELMO camera and sing along with it!


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Heidi Songs

Check out Heidi songs. She has some WONDERFUL songs for letters, sounds, sight words, you name it! My kids LOVE her songs.