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Best Suggestions for a lively class

Classroom Management 


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I'm wondering what your best suggestions are for having a lively class. Granted, it's only 2 days in, so maybe they will change. Right now, I'm realizing that they are a very happy, positive bunch. They are super excited and enthusiastic. They get so EXCITED for every activity This makes loud and hyper, but in a good way. I'm a happy, positive person, too, but I'm more reserved, so it's not necessarily something I do well with. I don't want to kill their spirit. I appreciate their enthusiasm...but they can get crazy with their excitement. I'd say out of 23 kids, 17-18 are extroverts. I'm definitely an introvert. It gets overwhelming. Any good advice of how to best handle this without discouraging the enthusiasm, but still controlling it more?


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Lively class

Think about it….they haven’t been in class full time with other kids for a long time. The energy is just high. You’re going to have to adjust to their energy.

Sounds like they like school and aren’t just acting out.

Set up some ground rules, get some sort of quiet signal (I used a wind chime, others use bells or a xylophone) and hammer into them that when they hear it, they must stop talking and put their hands on their heads. This stops them from trying to work while you are talking.