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Best way to clean linoleum floor

Ms. J

Senior Member
I have some time off during the next week, and I would like to deep clean my linoleum floor. What products or cleaning method have you found that works best? My linoleum has some patterns in it, and it seems that some dirt gets stuck in the crevices. Thanks!


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I have an old linoleum floor thst needs to be replaced. No matter how much I clean it it doesn't look clean (previous owner put a stripper on it). I do it the old fashion way, Pinesol, scrub brush and a Magic eraser. Takes a lot of time but it looks better than when I did the wet swiffer.

Teach 5

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Lowes has some products by Armstrong that will help deep clean the floor...one is a stripper (I can't remember what it is called), after you strip it you put on Shine-Keeper. It's a finis that will last through months of washing. The third product is for regular cleaning. Check with Lowes or a home flooring store.
Other products are New Beginnings & Once 'n Done.
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