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Best Writing Plan???

Language Arts | Writing 


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I am in charge of the "writing" lesson plans for my team. We have given up on the writer's workshop model due to time limitations and poor results. Our new second graders are weak in the area of writing. Can anyone give me some advice on a writing plan that gets results?


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In my opinion

I would not give up on the workshop model. It does work if implemented correctly. Try going online here http://www.heinemann.com/products/E04305.aspx This book is aligned with the new common core. Lucy gives you units to use in your classroom. Make sure that you are doing balanced literacy- including all aspects! Remember to do a mini lesson- which includes lots of modeling. Give the children at least 20 minutes to write and ALWAYS come back for sharing. Don't give up! Come on over to the Units of Study Board- there are lots of people that can help there.


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I have set up my Writers Workshop in 4 10-minute segments.
10 min Lucy C. mini lesson
10 min brainstorming time for students ( play music during this time)
10 min of writing time
10 min of sharing time

This is the first year of structuring my writing time like this and so far has been extremely motivating for the students!


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writers workshop

I love writers workshop! Instead of ditching it, I would get together with your team and find why it didn't work, then work together to come up with lessons. I just read a great book. I think it's call No More I'm Done (it's at school). It had some great ideas. Writer's workshop requires a lot of modeling on the teacher's part, but it is worth it. You must also include a time to share. It is important that their writing is validated by an audience.


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Many Thanks!

I appreciate the link. The second grade writer's workshop looks so different from the current one I am using. I bought the book and downloaded it. I can't wait to put it to use; I'm just hoping I can get my team on board.


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Sounds Good

Thank you for your reply. This sounds doable. One of our problems is that our schedule is so broken up with pull outs for title one, special needs and fastforward. We only have one solid block of teaching which is about an hour. When do you conference?


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I Would Love to Love it Too!

Thank you for the message. I am the writing guru on my team. My teammates don't get excited about Writer's Workshop. We had some training and we have Lucy's set of books. I feel good about my mini-lessons and modeling, but never really got the hang of conferencing with more than 3 or 4 students per day.