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binders or google drive



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I have a bunch of binders with printables for each month and binders with printables for each subject, such as phonics, time & money, etc., In my new classroom I will not have much storage at all for teacher stuff like that so I was thinking of scanning the papers in each binder into google drive although it sounds like a lot of work/time. Do most teachers still use teacher binders like I have or do more of you keep all your printables digitally on google drive?

Dr. A

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Digital Files over Binders.

4 years ago, I scanned all of my printables & switched to digital only via Microsoft One drive Cloud & Google drive bc

1. I wanted access at all times without lugging around binders from school to home & back for planning.

2. More physical space in my classroom when I ditched the binders

3. I organized my digital files in folders & sub-folders for easy access.

In regards to scanning, my school has a scanner on our Xerox copy machine. I was able to scan in like 50 sheets at once & each sheet was an individual scanned document. The scanned documents came directly to my school email. I named & saved each file to my Microsoft One Drive Cloud and Google Drive. If

If your school Xerox copier has the same capabilities it will save you time in the scanning process.


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Our copier scans also.

I have some papers that I use often (think reading log or something similar). I keep a folder with those things in it, and the rest is digital. I actually made the digital switch when I moved grade levels and just gave my other stuff to the trash can…

Ima Teacher

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I switched everything to Google Drive, and then I kept hard copies to see if I reached for them. After two years, I had not, so I tossed them all.


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Even though all my stuff can be accessed digitally, I prefer my binders. It’s easier for me to see everything laid out in front of me and get an idea of what I have/don’t have for units.

Also, we often have issues with sending documents to print so having hard copies comes in handy.


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For teaching materials like you described, I keep the paper copies. It's just easier for me. I would only put in the work to scan them all to the drive if I truly did not have the space in my room.

I will say, the pandemic finally made me go digital for things like student data and I like it so much better. I used to have a binder for each student. Now all of that is on google drive. I like the saved space in my room, the fact that I can access it from anywhere, and it's in fact faster to put data in the computer than getting out and putting away binders.