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birth control methods...lol might be TMI


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Ok this might be asking for too much information, but I was curious if many of you have gotten pregnant accidentally using the pull out method? I had to get off of birth control pills because they were making me anxious, my husband is allergic to condoms and we have gotten kinda frustrated and are resorting to the pull out method. I am totally fine with getting pregnant, but my husband is just slowly warming up to the idea. I was wondering what my chances of getting pregnant are with the pullout method?


Okay, pretty personal, but hey?

You could get pregnant if you're Fertile Mertle. But I don't have the gumption to be explanatory about why.

Have you thought about having your doctor fit you for a diaphram? It's not a 100%, but it's generally pretty effective. Also, ask your doctor for timeframe on when your cycle is in ovulation and advice on that. Good luck!


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find out when you ovulate

and then stay away from your husband those 2-3 days! Go to babycenter.com and go to preconception. They have an ovulation calculator and if you know the date of your last period, it will predict when you will be ovulating for the next 6 mo. People who are trying to get pregnant use this, but it will work the opposite way too!


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I'll answer...

I have tried almost every form of birth control and they have all made me sick in some sort of way. I either experience terrible headaches or stomach problems with them. That being said, my boyfriend and I have been using the pull out method for over three years and I have not become pregnant. We have been doing it like that for so long that I hardly ever think about it anymore. I was discussing this also with another teacher at work (she's a close friend) and she told me that her and her husband also use that method too. SHe also has had very bad side effects from using birth control. She has been married for four years now and no baby by accident.


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I'd be pregnant

We've never tried that method, but I got pregnant ON birth control (okay, it was the sponge--which dates me.) My husband and I only tried for 2 months before I got pregnant with my daughter, too. I think the pull out method would mean a late pregnancy for me--especially since my periods aren't completely regular so I wouldn't be sure what my safe days would be.

I use a diaphragm and have for 10 years now. It's worked.

If you can figure out your ovaluation date based on your periods you'll have better luck with pulling out.

mme NPB

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sure you can get pregnant!

All it takes is one little sperm to make you pregnant, and that can happen as he is on his way out, or even nearby! I know of a couple who got pregnant after she had her tubes tied and he had had a vasectomy. Who would have thought?!


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If you are certain of your ovulation dates, you will probably be fine- but I can't help of thinking of all the old-fashioned Catholic families I went to grade school with- who relied on the rhythm method- which I think is the same thing you are talking about! The smallest family in my 3rd grade class was 5 kids!


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LOL about Catholic families being so large! I know mine is!

Everyone's body is different. Just like birth control pills made you anxious, some people are totally fine on them. My point is I can tell you stories from both sides. I know people who this method works fine for (so far!). I also have a friend you supposedly hadn't ovulated in months and the dr. told her it would be very hard to conceive. So they weren't using anything but the pull out method and she ended up with an unexpected pregnancy. You can increase your chances of it working by charting when you ovulate and abstaining during those days. Unless you both want a pregnancy, I would be careful! If you really don't care if you get pregnant, continue on!


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Yes, you can get pregnant with that method. The little "swimmers" are present, even before the last part. It only takes one little swimmer to get you pregnant! If that's the only birth control you're going to use, I'd at least get one of those ovulation testers, and keep track of it using a calendar, to make sure you don't fool around during your ovulation times.

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Birth control

The best sound advice... talk to your GYN doctor!


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Best Reference Book Ever about pregnancy

Have you heard of the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler MPH? It would be perfect for you. I was on fertility drugs for a while and heard about this book. It totally explains natural birth control (no hormones or condoms) methods. All women should read it--since reading it I know when I ovulate and how to get pregnant if I want to. . . or not! It should be a mandatory textbook for newlyweds.