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Classroom Management 


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Hi everyone!

I am moving from first grade to 3rd and 4th grade science. I'm super excited about the new opportunity! I will have a 3rd grade homeroom. I had a lot of these students two years ago so I'm looking for something new for birthdays. I usually give them a swirly straw with pop rocks attached and I have the class make a birthday book. Any ideas? What do you do for birthdays for your homeroom?

Thank you!!



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Each child in my class gets a goody bag that contains a pencil, a birthday sticker, a homework pass, and a piece of candy. I make the bags during the summer so it’s easy to just grab one to give out when a student has a birthday. Simple, but the kids loved it.


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I have a piece of paper with a star in the middle with the student's name and I have the kids share the things they like about the student and I write them down with coloured Sharpie. And a ring pop!