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Black Friday



Is anyone actually going out and shopping the morning after Thanksgiving, Black Friday??? I can't even imagine. There are outlets by us opening up at midnight on Thanksgiving and department stores like JC Penney and Kohl's opening at 4 a.m on Friday. The holiday season has gotten completely out of control. You couldn't pay me enough to shop in those crowds. I don't even think you save that much money in the long run, with the exception of some products. Is it really worth it? Maybe it's me, but shopping on Friday would definitely not put me in the holiday spirit. What about everyone else? Are you braving the crowds on Friday?


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I always go, but I go a little later in the morning. I will make it to target around 7:00 instead of 6:00. That way most people have left and I don't have to brave the long lines. Also if I don't get something it is not a big deal. It is not worth fighting for.


I agree with you

I hate being in big crowds and I don't think you save money. There is absolutely no way I'd get up to buy anything at 4:00 a.m. - they'd have to pay ME! For Christmas shopping I prefer to take a weekday off work and go. It's much more peaceful and I can actually think about what I'm buying without feeling overwhelmed. I usually spend the day after Thanksgiving just relaxing. I think a lot of the Black Friday thing is media/marketing. I do like to shop, but the holidays are not about shopping! :rolleyes:


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Not me

I have been getting up between 3-6 for the past SIX months (baby boy just doesn't want to sleep through the night! :eek:). I try to sleep ALL I can these days.

I quite honestly don't even know what is on sale this year. I have most of my presents or at least know what I am going to do for them. SIL is getting up at to go with her neighbor, maybe I can send her with my $$$ if there is something I HAVE to have. :D


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12 Years ago

when this early bird (4am-6am) shopping started my wife and good friend started. We were able to get about 90% of our shopping done on that Friday. Things have changed in recent years, the sales aren't quite as good. Retailers are making you wait in lines for particular items, so you stay around longer to buy other things. If there is one item that is a REALLY good deal I might venture out, but not likely.

It was fun while it lasted.


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I used to do it, because there were really good deals AND the items were in stock. The last 2 years I've done it and have been SO disappointed. I would walk in when they open (5am) and the items were already sold out. ?????? How does that happen if they just opened?! I promised myself I wouldn't go this year, and I'm sticking to it.

HOWEVER.... I am going to the midnight sale at our outlet mall with my mom and sister. Honestly, I'm mostly doing it because it'll be a fun girls' time - and we can go home when we're tired and then sleep late! ;)


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My husband and I will be going! (not sure how early, but I'm sure before 5 am) His little brother is getting a Nintendo DS (?) and we're looking for a couple of games. My hubby is also hoping to buy a new laptop.

I don't think we'd go unless we were looking to make a big purchase. About three years ago, my husband decided to build a computer. Black Friday was the best day to go and buy parts!


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Best Buy has a Toshiba for 299.00, only 20 per store... trying to decide if it's worth the effort... also many stores are offering their Black Friday deals online... no crowds!


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My husband and I have gone shopping on Black Friday for the last 6 or 7 years. It's become an enjoyable tradition for us. We usually leave the house between 5:30 and 6:00am. We NEVER go to Wal-Mart or any store that looks like it might be too crazy inside. Usually we go to Target, Kohls, and Mervyns. We've driven past Best Buy a couple of times but if there's a line outside, we keep driving. :rolleyes: We're usually done between 9:30 and 10:30am and then we enjoy a nice brunch before we head back home. Although last year, I think we were home earlier as there weren't as many deals that we were interested in. <!--leaves_fall-->


Here is a previous thread on the same topic from a couple of weeks ago.



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I have gone in the past for only a short while to get something specific. I only picked one or two stores and refused to stand in line for more than 5 minutes. I haven't seen the ads yet this year and if I do go it will be local and quick. My husband works retail and has a big sale going on so he can never go with me. I feel bad that he has to deal with nasty people on this weekend. Some people wait until Sunday late in the day and then complain about not being able to get sale stuff that is labeled as "while supplies last."
I will be putting up the tree though...


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black friday

I went at 4am a few years ago just for fun. What a rush! I doubt I'll ever do it again. I am already done with my Christmas shopping for this year! ;)


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We'll be out early...maybe Kohls at 4am. I love the shopping! We travel to Raleigh for Thanksgiving and then head out with my boyfriend, my mom, and my cousin bright and early. Last year Walmart was so quiet, but we took turns standing in line at Kohls for 2 hours. I LOVE it!


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Some stores have their ads online...

Target and Wal-Mart have their 2 days ads online already. I got mine through e-mail this morning.

REB :)

P.S. Good to be back on...have missed you all. :)


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I'm not going...

I used to go when my kids were little and get the toys. I would get to Wal-Mart and meet my best friend. Now that my kids are all teenagers, they usually want one BIG thing which is easier to get than a bunch of little things. I am finished shopping because I did it all online this week while I was off. I hate fighting the crowds at the mall at this time of the year.


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Call me crazy...

I absolutely love going out on Black Friday to shop! It's actually one day out of the year that I look forward to. My cousin, best friend, and I shop all day, starting at 5 a.m. and ending whenever we're too tired to shop anymore. I get all of my shopping finished that day. It's actually more about the fun time spending with my gal pals than anything else. We have a great time together, but I know that not everyone is as in to it as we are. Good luck to those venturing out Friday morning and happy shopping! :p


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I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. I'm such a last minute shopper anyways!

This year I have actually considered going shopping early Friday morning just once to see what the craze is about!! I've been watching the news and the media has hyped it up so much!!

We'll see.

Happy shopping.


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Yes I go

We make it a family outing, aunts, grandparents, dad and sister go to the mall shopping. I get most of my shopping done that day as I am an hour away from a mall. I love it!!:s)


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No Way...

No How... Don't go near any stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving!! <!--thanksgiving1--> It is not worth fighting the crowds!!

I do a lot of on-line shopping during the holidays. Call me lazy! ;)