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Black History Month


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Does anyone have any cool lessons for black history month? I also would like to do a really unique bulletin board, but I am having a little trouble coming up with something. I would appreciate any ideas :)

NJ Teacher

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Black History Idea

I love to use the book Dinner at Aunt Connie's by Faith Ringgold. In the book, her characters come to dinner at Aunt Connie's house. They realize that the paintings are actually famous African American women, who come to life at the dinner table. I have the kids team up to research these people, and they then do a picture/portait in Faith Ringgold's colorful style. It is great because it also serves as a bulletin board for Women's History Month in March, should you choose to leave it up. Faith Ringgold's work also makes for an interesting author study.


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Black History Timeline

I have my students choose a Black American, past or present, from a book or the internet.
They decide on a date that represents that person (year of accomplishment, year of birth, etc.) Next they write a short paragraph about the accomplishment (historical data). they decide on a visual to help demonstrate the accomplishment. I give them the exact format of how to put the information together on a 9 by 12 piece of construction paper. Basically the year is in the same place on every paper so then we can display them in a timeline. I give extra points for choosing a Black American I don't know. I've had some truly interesting projects. I have a sign up sheet so I don't have duplicates. I also prohibit King, Parks, & Tubman because they have already studied them. If you would like the complete format my email is harmonbay@aol.com.