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boggle/scrabble/million dollar word


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OVERWHELMED WITH IDEAS!! I have all three of these activities saved in hopes to use them... but they are all very similar. If you use them in your classroom, would you just focus on one or more than one? I love boggle because the students have to come up with various words using 16 letters. With million dollar word and word within a word the goal is to come up with the "main word" and then smaller words. They all cover the same objective in very similar ways, and I would love to have my students do all, but I'm afraid they would get bored with it after a while and not put as much effort into it.


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Boggle and scrabble

Boggle can be a noisy activity in my classroom with them shaking the letters in the plastic box. This year I am adding scrabble. But I am not using the board. With my first graders I am going to have all of the letters turned up and they will choose the letters that they need. I think they would get frustrated trying to spell words from a given set of letters. I will also use it for them to spell spelling words and word wall words and tell the value.


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I have three Scrabble Sets (none of them had all the pieces:cool:). I put all the tiles in one of those two pound plastic coffee containers with the handle built into the side, and lid. They spill them onto rug squares and use them for whatever Word Work games I have put out. they like to use the wooden tile holders that came with the set, and I let them use the game boards if they want to. Some of the activities:

1. find the number value for each spelling word
2. arrange words by number of letters in each word
3. take one word and make as many smaller words as possible
4. lay out all the words "scrabble style" across and down

It's amazing-sometimes they make up their own games! My only rule is "same rules throughout the game, start to finish", and "play to the end".

The rug squares in my classroom were picked up at Building 19 (a favorite salvage store in MA) and were cut from casino carpeting (very low pile and practically bullet-proof). You can pick them up at local carpet stores (if they know you're a teacher, they may give you a break!) the lower the pile, the better for games. We use these for everything, but they are fantastic on a table top to muffle noise from dice, and define a playing area (if it bounces off the square, you lose your turn). Another trick is to put the Boggle cubes in a cloth bag and have the kids spill them out of the bag (no plastic box!).

Why not start with one activity and see how it goes? If they seem to be bored with it after awhile, you can introduce something new!


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the noise doesn't bother me because

I solved that problem thanks to another post I had about quiet dice. I found foam cubes at Target and using a sharpie made them into dice. Another poster said she found the same cubes only wrote the boggle letters on hers. So another trip out and silent boggle games!!