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Book Activities


C. Burns

I'm a first year teacher and have been teaching for 2 weeks now. I need help with resources/ideas. I just started Charlottes Web with a reading group and The BFG with another. If anyone has any ideas for activities for these groups or websites that provide activities please let me know! Thanks :)

teacher of fourth

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Look up sources on the Internet

Look the books up on the Internet for lesson plans. I think Ronald Dahl has a great website for the BFG. I know I got plans for that book on an Internet site last year. Let me know if you cannot find it, as I have the papers in school and will look up the web address for you. Also, Charlotte's Web has a source of lesson plans on the net. There is also a literature guide that goes along with this book (I think by Teacher Created Materials although not 100%.)



If you go to www.teachercreated.com they have ebooks that you can buy and they are literature guides for different books. These are downloaded to your computer and are just like the paperback ones you would buy at a teacher supply store, but are much faster to get and easily stored. I know they have both books. Also here are different websites for you:



If you put a yahoo search for Charlotte's Web and BFG teacher resources you will find a ton!!

Good luck!


role sheets

If you have students reading different books you might want to try the literature circle/book club approach. One day a student might write questions to ask the other students, another day they might write a summary of what they read, the next day they draw a picture. Other ideas are making predictions, making connections, and finding vocabulary words and definitions. Of course I use this in conjunction with Accelerated Reader quizzes.