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Book Organization


New Member
Setting up a brand new library at our PK-4th grade school over here! I am not a librarian -- I'm actually the literacy specialist -- but I've inherited this (huge) task as well. Our admin wanted to have the books divided into either Fiction or Non-Fiction sections of the library. My initial instructions for the assistants at our school was to use the spine labels to help determine which shelves to place the books (E or F on label --> Fiction; numerals --> Non-Fiction). Since I don't have tons of library experience, I forgot about poetry and plays, which of course have numbers on the spine labels.

My question is: Where would you place poetry and plays, if your choices are either Fiction or Non-Fiction? Our collection is very small right now (only about 1500 books total) so this category would only have about 20-30 books.

Advice would be very much appreciated!


Senior Member
We have 3 sections. E for "everybody"- these are picture books (fiction). We have FIC for chapter books (fiction) and numbers nonfiction. Poetry books are in the NF collection. It seems like it's the 800 section.