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Book Report Question



This is my 1st year teaching, so I'm a little confused on book reports. I would like my students to do a book report (with a guided format) on a book that they choose (with my help). Many of my students need quite a bit of help when writing or talking about what they read. To give as much help as I think some of them will need, I think I would need to read the books. So, do most teachers read all of the books that their students are doing book reports on? Or do they not let them choose? Or do they just see what they can do independently?


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I pick the genre for my kids and give them guide questions to help them write the report. I also approve all the books before hand. I have read many of the books over the course jof the year. I check only those books I;m not farmiliar with or think might be a poor majtch for tha student. Also, teach your kiddos the five finger test. Have them open the book to the middle and read the book aloud. Have them put up a finger for each word theey do not understand. Any more than 2 fingers up might be too hard for a bookreport. I hope this helps.:)


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Book reports

Newbie,, I use a variety of "book reports." I read aloud, and the students then respond to questions about what has happened. I also have group novels, where we meet on Friday's to talk about assigned pages of a common novel. I like this approach best. Small groups,, 8-10, who have read the assigned pages, and prepared answers to questions. They get the assignment and questions on one Friday, and need to be prepared for the next Friday. I give class time and home reading. I often generate the questions to ensure that the questions cover multiple levels, and also have opinion and creative answers. I also have the students choose self selected titles. I am into technology, so I set up a database that has fields on genre, reading level, rating how well they liked it, author and summary. Other students can read through the data base to find books that they might like to read. Hope that this helped.