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books about bullying

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I am looking for a book about how to handle bullying. I am teaching 5th this year need a really good read. Thanks


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Bucket Books

I really like the bucket books for read aloud. A friend who teaches fifth grade used "How Full is Your Bucket?" last week with her class. After reading the book aloud, she had each child write a compliment to every other child in the classroom and place them in small buckets she had purchased at Target.

The books address bullying indirectly, but they are good for building positive relationships.

I just read "Mean Girls" because of a situation my own child was in. I learned a lot about how and why girls bully.


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I just got

a book by Jamie Lee Curtis called "The Brand New Kid." I really like it. I teach 5th also, it is about a 2nd grade kid, but it was really cute. I liked it a lot!


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If you can show them a great movie about bullying I can recommend
Chrissa..it's an American Girl movie and it's excellent to teach about bullying.


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Mr. Peabody's Apples is about not being able to take back things that you say. It is really good and could relate to bullying.


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My fifth graders liked the Chrissa movie though it was a little more extreme bullying than is usually a problem in my class. I read Thank You Mr Fauker by Patrica Polacco, The Sneetches by Seuss. I read Mr. Peabody's Apples to talk about spreading rumors.


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The Recess Queen and Jungle Bullies are really good picture books, and How To Eat Fried Worms is a good chapter book. Jungle Bullies is really for younger children, but someone might be reading this that is looking one for preK through first grade.


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All of Trudy Ludwig's books

are great! I just ordered them all from amazon. I especially liked Confessions of a Former Bully. I'm going to use her books through out the year (I teach 4th btw)


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thanks so much

I really appreciate the quick responses!!! I have plenty to choose from! These all sound so good.


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one more

My Secret Bully is well done and most girls can relate to the story. It always sparks a good discussion on how genders bully.


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Dealing with Bullies

Julia Cook writes some great picutre books that deal with social issues. My personal favorites are My Mouth is a Volcano and A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.

Chapter books
Many of Jerry Spenelli's books deal with Bullying and challenging social issues and behavior. They make great discussion starters.
I've read these aloud
Maniac Magee

A couple more resources