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Books for Middle and High school students


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I recently went to a workshop on reading. There I discovered a series of books called the Bluford Series. These are engaging books for middle and high school students that represent real life situations. These are situations that students at these levels can relate. I convinced my principal to order the books for our students. Now, our middle and high school students are enjoying reading these books. Since I work at an alternative school for kids who have behavioral problems, they read to learn how to handle situations in a better way. The Bluford Series is a great series of books and they only cost $1 per book. You can order these books online at www.townsendpress.com. These are good reading materials, and you can get the teacher's guide with activities for $5. I hope that someone benefits from this posting. I had to share the good news.

Ms. Jen


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I just checked these out. What's cool is you can read the first chapter before you buy! Thanks for the info.