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Books for Second?

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Hi everyone!

This kinder teacher is moving up to second grade. This will be my 3rd year teaching. I taught kindergarten for two years and will be moving up this year!

I’m so excited but most of my books are kindergarten books (picture books without too many words). I have only a few chapter books. Does anyone have any recommendations for books for second graders? I know they will still read and enjoy the books I have, but I would like some more second grade level books, but I have no clue where to start! Any advice? Whether it is series, types of books or stores/websites to check out. I haven’t gotten any because I’ve been trying to save my money and hold off until I got some from the school for materials! Hopefully soon!

Thanks in advance!


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You’re going to have to build up slowly. Go to garage sales. You can buy a variety because you’ll have readers, really good readers that will be ready to tackle the higher level thinking that goes along with being able to read fluently and then some nonreaders (hopefully not too many).

Google for a list of grade level books. Remember to get some at first grade level too. Second grade boys enjoy nonfiction. They all like humor.

At the start of school, Scholastic often has a box of grade level books like 50 books for $50. I did this every year until I got enough books. You don’t get to choose the titles.

I used to check out a bunch of books from the public library every few weeks.

Search PT for more threads about building a class library.

It should not be up to teachers to do this.

If you have technology available, have kids read online. Get Epic is free for teachers and kids can read online in class until 3:00 I think. If kids want to read at home, they’ll have to pay for an account.

PM if you want.

Good luck! <!--sunflower--><!--popsicle-->


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K to 2

I did that!! Loved the move. I scavenged books from garage sales, used book stores, Scholastic. We had a nonprofit organization called The Children’s Book Project where you could take bags of books for free. See if you have anything like that in your area.

In terms of leveled reading second grade goes from 18-24/28. (DRA levels). And you’ll need more for lower readers (which your kinder books will be good for) and some higher.

I had parents volunteer to give me books their children had grown out of. You might float this idea to your families.

Good luck!! I think you’ll love the move.