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Bored Already



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Second day home from school.

Big list and many Pinterest Boards with things that I want to accomplish this summer.

Last summer, I ate and watched tv and gained weight.

This summer, vowed to be productive.

But, bored already and not motivated.



Work, shmerk. Soak up the freedom until you're ready!
As for me, I've got my bags & my passport packed. In an hour, we're outta here!
I also have my spiral notebook so I can plan activities & scribble up HWs drafts. What else am I supposed to do on all those long plane, bus, and train rides?
By choice & opportunity, I spend close to no time at home during my summers of freedom although I do plenty of work while traveling.

Let me repeat: Soak up the freedom until you're ready.


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I am right there with you !! I have been home for three days and have worked in our yard every day. Dh is hurt and can't do the work and I have been so busy with work and other obligations I ignored it until now. We are almost done but today all I want to do is sit. Never mind the inside of the house!!! Lets motivate each other!!! Get up and do a few things a day!! I'm going out now!!!


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I think part of it is whether we like it or not, at school we have to plan every.single. minute. of. every. single. school day. And then for most of us school is still usually on our minds the other hours of the day (and it would be nice to be able to just turn it off at times!). Suddenly having lots of free, unstructured hours can feel a bit overwhelming until you make the transition that you don't always have to have a plan! My first three days of freedom this week got eaten up with getting car work done, doctor's appts, and other errands I'd put off until school was out, and I have more coming next week....I could use a bit of that 'boredom", lol :)


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Right there with you.

I have been off for over a month now. I have sorted my files, done nearly 25 hours of PD (both on-line and district-related), cleaned my house, helped my husband with his car restoration business. Now I am just waiting for my district to roll out the new ELA curriculum so I can actually start building my lessons for the next year - That sounds bad I know, but that is how bored I am - I actually want to get a head start on the next school year. I have about 6 weeks left and I will never make it if I don't find something constructive to do. This is the first full summer I have taken off since I was 15 (no work, no classes, no structured activity) and I am now 45.

I have taken up walking - about 3 miles every morning starting at 5:30, but that means I am up even earlier in the day and that means more time to find something to do.


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Mind and body need and deserve to rest. A week or so of doing nothing is okay. Your body will let you know when it is time to up and Go:)


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cid, I am also up at 5:30

My dog and I go out every morning at that time and we also do three miles! It's a great way to start the day.

I've been so busy in June. I've cleaned the house and gone to Chicago. I go to yoga twice a week. Tomorrow, my BFF comes in from San Antonio to visit for three days. After that, I'm hoping for a little boredom. That would mean time to sit on my deck, listening to the birds sing and falling asleep (I'm practicing for the nursing home).

Tell you what, guys, we're all going to be on here crying when it's time to go back! I'm never ready.


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I am working summer school......

I am in a different situation then you all bcuz I am starting summer school next week..5.5 hours a day, 4 days a week, July 1st to 24th so this week I savored every minute of my time off :D

I slept in most days..or tried anyway I automatically open my eyes at 5:30 but most days went back to sleep for an hour to two hours.

Every day I took a walk, sat out on my deck..fed the squirrels & birds<!--ladybug--><!--pinkpaperbird--><!--monarch--> watered my plants<!--daffodils--><!--crocus_in_pot--><!--cherryblossem--><!--redrose--><!--pinkrose-->

Every other day I went out to lunch or went to my moms for lunch, today we went walking around the mall and to get some lunch and frozen yogurt...moms treat!!!

Tomorrow I will be home, just relaxing and mentally preparing for summer school to begin Tuesday....on Monday I only go in for a ''meeting'' to meet the teachers and staff so its like 90 min and we get paid for that so why not.

I need the money so I am just grateful to have the position. The last month of vacation, I may start to feel the same way you do but I think summer school will help with that..i will need at least a week or two to recover from that I am sure<!--giggle-->


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Transition... from fast forward to slow mo!

It always took me SEVERAL weeks to adjust from the fact pace of teaching to the Summer Me! Some years I would get sick, or have headaches.. or just lay around feeling worthless. Eventually I would adjust and enjoy!!! About the time I was totally IN to summer and the relaxed looking sun tinged ME it would be time to return to school. Back on the treadmill again!! Another adjustment! It became a way of life for me. Each summer and fall I had to readjust! September was the cruelest month.... but June was surprisingly depressing. Now I'm retired so there is no more adjustment! Every day is a blessing!


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It's not all bad.

Like the OP mentioned, when I sit still I tend to watch tv and eat, eat, eat. So I am trying to keep myself away from the fridge by staying off the sofa. The only other problem is that instead I have been doing a lot of shopping - some of it necessary, but some of it not. I have a little more discretionary income these days than usual, so I am not being quite as careful as I used to be while I am out window shopping before it gets out of control.

As for being bored for the rest of the summer - I am doing my best. I still have some house projects to accomplish (both inside and outside) if only it was not 100+ degrees by noon every day. I have started listening to audiobooks while I walk in the morning and then I get so involved in the stories that I continue listening throughout the day - finished 4 books last week alone. I am even helping my DD build her 65 Ford Falcon - a pet project for nearly two years now. The claim is that as soon as it's done she and her boyfriend will be moving out of the house (they're 21). Part of the problem is money for her, part of it is time for my DH. I am not sure if I want her to finish it, because if I am bored now, what will I do when the kids are out of the house?!

AX Pendergast

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I hear ya

It took a few weeks, but I'm finally getting off my butt and back into a daily healthy routine.
30-45 min of exercise every day
no more fast food
lots of walking with She Who Must Be Obeyed
playing with the kids
more veggies and fruit, fewer cookies and fudge

My goal is 25 pounds gone by the time school begins in September, but I'd be happy with more :D

Hang in there Persephone -


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Everyone, this is a great post. I do feel at loose ends, yet--am picking up around the house, cleaning at random (my own speed), buying a bit too much, eating a bit too much--and I've had 2 terrible headaches in the past 2 wks.
I always forget how the transition feels; LuBelle, as ever, you said it so well, as did everyone here. I feel out of sorts and plain old grumpy.
It is such a good reminder to see how everyone else feels the same, & the ways we all cope. We go from 90mph to zero overnight. I just want to get out and about daily, to break up the day. Several of my friends have plans right after school is out, a vacation that really helps forces them to relax. It seems around July 1, or about 2 wks. after school lets out, I finally am in 'summer time'.
Like PP who listened to 4 audiobooks (which are great, by the way: you don't have to "watch" them, just listen), I have watched "Rosemary and Thyme" online, along w/ other British shows. I get to projects a bit at a time, I have to putter. When the mood strikes, I act on it, or forget it. The mood passes!
Here's to a period of transition only fellow teachers understand. That anxiety we feel when Aug/Sept hits proportionately matches that level of sheer happiness that parents feel, watching them return to school.
Ah, yes, the rhythms of the school year!


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I'd love for you to come and help me with my household painting projects. But then, it's a long way from Maryland to North Carolina! <!--giggle-->

DH and I get up early and eat breakfast. Afterwards, we go for a two-mile walk. I can't say that I like moving like that so early in the morning, but I am trying to stay fit and lean. Also, it gets too hot to get outside if I wait until later on. Get started with a routine and keep it up. We've been walking two miles a day every day since school let out.


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Do things u love

Each summer I try to learn something new that I am interested in. One summer I taught myself to crochet. Another one I took up beading. I just try to renew myself after such a hardworking year. I have gained weight in the past and I have spent too much money :D. But now I try to swim, walk, use weights, spend time with my girls, pray, read my bible, and go to a new place I have never been. I love sleeping in a little. Not feeling the pressure to be somewhere on time. I casually get ideas and inspiration for my teaching but I have learned that no matter how prepared I try to be for the new year, there are always unexpected changes to my plans. So I try to better myself and allow myself to find joy again and rest. I feel it will help me to be ready to go when I start school. Life is too short to try to make things perfect and just right. Life is too unpredictable and I feel I need to enjoy every moment fast or slow. :)


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Last summer I was extremely productive. I read 3 professional development books and did a ton of prepping for the school year and curriculum planning!

This year.....NOPE!!!! Except for what I have to do for summer school teaching I have done NOTHING school related! HA!

But I am moving this summer - so I am extremely productive in washing all the clothes in my closet and packing them into boxes...lol