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Brag Tag Chains

Classroom Management 


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Do any of you use brag tags in your classrooms? Which do you prefer chains or books? I think that the chains are best because students can show them to their friends and other teachers, but some of my colleagues have started using the books. We were told that we all had to do the same thing. Several of us want to continue using the chains. It's a fifty fifty split. I think each of us should use what works best for us. What do you think?


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I did them for a year or two. I put a ring on a carabiner. (We are an adventure school so I went with that theme.)

I liked the rings but my students (kindergarten) did not put them on themselves. When they earned them they put them in a pocket chart then I added them to the rings occasionally.

I might go with the book if they could add them independently.


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What material are your brag tags?

I have used metal chains with dog tags and metal rings for fabric spirit sticks( 2 different principals). The kids could not attach the dog tags or the spirit sticks. The reward tags were often lost, the chains were hard to store too. Both reward systems were expensive and only lasted 1 year.

I vote for books. I would copy the books on the school copier with 3 holes punched so we could add them to a pocket folder in order to save money. I would also use paper brag tags. I made my own templates with cute animals. I displayed them in a calendar pocket chart. The children would get their reward tag from the chart and glue it in their folder booklet. The kids even got to color the animals. My kids loved the booklets. <!--teddybear--><!--shootingstars--><!--confetti--><!--graycat--><!--graycat--><!--dog--><!--graycat--><!--graycat--><!--monarch--><!--ladybug-->