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Break!!! :)


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(Note: Okay, I wonder how NaNoBloMo handles computer problems --- I have a tendency to write blog entries fairly frequently at school. However, after typing this one up, I couldn't get it posted at school. I kept getting errors when I clicked "post". So, to save it for later, I copied and pasted it into TextEdit, intending to try again when I got home, but then I got busy with my packing and forgot until I was on the road (where I didn't have internet access). This afternoon has been my first opportunity to get online again. So, although it doesn't show up that way -- technically, I *did* blog yesterday --- I just hope this still counts.)


Thanks for Thanksgiving break! School just ended and now I've got 6 days off :) I'm so glad the break is finally here. There's a part of me sort of wishing I wasn't heading out of town (there's so much I need to get caught up on at home), but that regret is only minimal. There's the other part of me who is very happy to be leaving everything behind for a couple days. I've just got to go home, finish packing a few things and then head on my way!! :)