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Bridal Shower Gift List And Ideas



I am getting married in August. I am trying to prepare a gift list. Does anyone have any recommendations for pots and pans? Would love to hear your feedback.



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check out QVC

I have bought many of the Cook's Essential items from QVC. I love them and would not cook with anything else.


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Well I really haven't paid much attention to the brand of pans, but I use T-Fal. They seem to work for me. The inner portion changes colors when they're ready to use.

Ima Teacher

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I know that I do NOT like my non-stick cookware. Sure, cleanup is easier, but I don't like having to baby it to keep it like new. I have a gas stove, and it's a pain trying to scrub all the gas gunk off the bottom and be delicate with the non-stick part.

My mom bought some "waterless" cookware when she got married in 1966. She STILL cooks with the same cookware and it looks just like brand new. I'm not sure of the brand, but I could find out if you're interested.


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Lucky you for getting new cookware when you start your household! I've always had mismatched cookware. I've had some friends who like Pampered Chef cookware.


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Worth the expense

Cookware can be expensive, but don't take the cheap route. We registered for some cheaper stuff when we got married, and it is all ruined now, although we've been married only 5 years. Luckily someone also gave us a set of Wolfgang Puck cookware that we didn't register for. It's a nice set that we really like. Calphalon is good too, but very expensive.


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me too

I am also just married and looking for a good set of pots and pans. I have no idea what to get. I want something that is good, will last and easy to clean up.

Mrs. G

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Old Standard

I like my traditional Revere Ware with the copper bottom. I have been married 13 years and it is still in excellent condition. I would however recommend getting a Teflon coated frying pan.


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Rachel Ray's advice

I just saw Rachel Ray and she gave a tip on registering for pots and pans. Don't get caught up in buying a package deal on pots/pans because they often come with many odd sizes that you will never use. You are better off to purchase/register for a few standard size pans of higher quality.


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standard gourmet

The All Clad pots are great, but very pricey. The brand Standard Gourment is made in the very same foundry that All Clad is and is the exact pot, with the exception of the handle. The Standard Gourmet handle is much more comfortable. The largest set of the SG pots is about 350 dollars where All-Clad is around 700.

I received this information from a upscaled cooking store in the Seattle area.