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BTS dreams


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Twinmom's post about August reminded me of something else. I used to have back to school dreams in August all the time. This is my third year of retirement.

Recently I had a dreaded dream! I was at a school in a long dark hallway. I kept asking someone where the desks are , where will the students sit? I was told "on the floor". I woke up feeling so rattled-weird!

Anyone else have dreams?


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Not dreams…

But I do have moments of feeling like I should be doing something. My bff said it took her a year to fully relax since she’d still feel stress during high stress school times, like report cards or conferences. Must be muscle memory of some kind!


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Yes! They have eased off a bit, but earlier in August I was having them every night, right on schedule, even though I don't plan to ever teach or sub again. I have always had them in August and I've always hated it. I thought I'd be free of that this year, but apparently my brain needed some time to process the fact that I'm well and truly done.


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school dreams

Retired in 2000 and I'm still having school dreams (nightmares).
Not sure what triggers them, but always glad they are dreams!!!


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Yep, I still have those dreams sometimes. They are usually nightmares, with inadequate facilities and obnoxious students featured.

I used to think this was just a teacher phenomenon, but GF remembers his dreams pretty well, and at least once a week he has a work dream. He was a visiting nurse for the VA, usually dealing with vets who had addictions and/or mental health problems. He loved his job, but like teaching, there were some aspects of the work that were challenging.

I think we were fortunate to have work that was interesting enough that our brains still want to process it even years into retirement!