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I sub in a very small district where there are only two junior high and high schools and four elementary schools. I see a lot of bullying going on in schools. I think that is the number one thing that needs to be stopped. There is even a law that is against it I do believe. I feel the students should feel like they can go to school and have a relatively stress free day and not have to worry about kids calling them names and pushing them. I know that you cannot catch everything that is going on but that you can put a stop to a lot of it.

I have seen several instances of bullying. I have seen a girl who gets picked on all the time because of her weight and they way she dresses. It is almost a nonstop thing. When I subbed on Friday there is a girl who isn't liked and I wasn't looking at the time but another girl shoved her books on the floor while she was out of the room. I didn't see it happen but I am going to sub in that class on Monday and I am going to watch carefully. These are high school juniors. I have seen that happen a few times and usually I send them to the office and leave the teacher a note. I have seen kid crying because of bullying. That is one things I definetely won't put up with. Where I sub at one high school the kids are allowed to go elsewhere for lunch and teachers on duty really have to watch because students have gotten pushed on the ground outside and other things. Other students getting called terrible names about their weight and a lot more terrible then that. I have seen students getting shoved in the hall and tripped. Most the teachers I have to say are good about getting after students.

Some people say helps them prepare for the real world but I don't believe should be allowed at all. I posted a message about my niece getting tripped and pushed in the hall and teacher saying don't tattle but teachers need to take responsibility and they could change a lot of that. I read an article in an magazine where a boy was badly bullied and he committed suicide becaue not much was being done about it. The Mom wrote the article. I know you can't stop all of it and can't see everything that goes on but I believe if a teacher or other staff member sees bullying going on the student should be in big trouble.

Have you seen it go on in your schools? How do you handle it?


I wholeheartedly agree with you

I applaud you for taking a very firm stance on bullying! It has to be nipped in the bud, and dealt with severely. I think most school nowadays have special "bullying" consequence clauses in their discipline policies (or they should).

I have not seen this "outright" bullying where I am (although I don't sub in jr. high or high school), but I have experienced "subtle" bullying mostly of the psychological type - kids telling another kid they are not good at some sport or game, or hurting them but claiming it was an accident, etc. (usually heard "secondhand").

Last year, while teaching 3rd grade, a mom of a bullied student alerted me to the fact that he was afraid to walk home with one of my students! (This was shared after an incident right after recess in which one student just walked up and flicked another in the eye with no impetus that I could see.) I really had no idea this was going on between them. From then on, I watched the other student very carefully, especially when he was around the one who was reportedly afraid of him. The "bully" was one you would not suspect - he was popular, smart, helpful in the classroom - he was very sneaky with his behavior when I wasn't around or he thought I wasn't watching! So, I wanted to mention that bullying comes in all forms and we need to be constantly alert to this.

Where I taught last year, all grades from K on up got an age-appropriate anti-bullying presentation given by the counselor and the principal. We also got "refresher" courses as needed during the year!

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Zero Tolerance / Books

I don't know that much about the upper high school grades, but here our school district has a very low tolerance for physical bullying. The school district should make it clear that this will not be tolerated, with strong consequences if it happens. If bullying is allowed to continue, there can be bad repercussions. (I think the victims of the Columbine massacre had been teased mercifully before they took drastic action.)

Also, there are some very good books about bullying. You might want to find one that applies to high school age kids and read it. I read one book that was very good, Easing the Teasing by Judy S. Freedman. I think it applies mostly to younger children, though. It explains what motivates the bullies. It also explains things kids can do that will automatically set them up to be bullied by the other kids. There is also a book called The Bully-Free Classroom or something similar. These will give you tips to deal with it.

It is wonderful that you care so much. Good luck in stamping this out!



After reading this web site I feel pretty lucky I sub in a small farming community in Indiana. High school only,I wouldnt have it any other way, I sub here and here only. I'm retired out of a foundry,mind you I'm only 50. I feel Ive found my calling. When I walk in that school they know I'm there, they greet me every day with hugs and love, they make my day. I treat them like I would my own and that means I let'em have it if they need it. But most of the time their good kids. I don't know what Id do without them. I have never been to college,I just have a high school education, but I feel we learn alot from each other anyway.