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Bumping up



I wish we could "bump up" a message from below. I think sometimes good posts get forgotten or some teachers need more help or ideas and other messages get on top. It's rare for someone to look down the entire list and go on to the next page. Bumping up would be a nice feature.


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I agree. There have been times that I wanted to start a new strand of an old post as well.


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Town Hall

You should post this in town hall rather than vent. THe editors of the board are do great about listening to concerns and trying to make the board very useful and user friendly. I also agree that this would be a great idea. Usually they listen and try to accomodate.:)


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I asked

I asked about this a while ago on the Town Hall board and this was the reply:

Hi Penny! For signed in visitors, this is a setting on your "Edit Options" page!

Here's what you can do:

1. sign in and go to your MyPage (top left corner)
2. scroll down the menu and click on "Edit Options"
3. find the section "Thread Display Options"
4. change the two options listed under "Thread Sorting Options" to "last post" and "descending"
5. click "save changes"

That's it. Now threads that have received answers will jump to the