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buried under (plan) books...


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I'm wondering how all of you keep track (as in planbooks) of your lesson plans for all your different groups/students. I'm finding it really hard this year, even though I have a lot fewer students than in the past. I basically have groups for reading/math. (1st & 2nd grade) Within those groups, I tend to have 2 levels of learners that I have an assistant help with. Now I have one new student with intensive needs, and since we don't have self-contained groups anymore, I have to plan is lessons in this format too. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not. I just wonder how to keep track of it all without a zillion different plan books! Currently, I have my main plan book for me, a planbook for my assistant, and another book for a specific student. As I get more students, this seems to be inefficient. Any ideas/experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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I do all my plans on the computer. That way I can make each block big enough, or small enough, and even color code and move them around if I need to. I just did it on a spreadsheet. I teach ESE so believe me, I know how confusing have many groups can get! If nothing else, the color-coding was a HUGE help!!


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Lesson Plans

I usually do not use lesson plan books. I make my own lesson plan sheet on the computer. I use one page for one class each day and chunk the page depending on how many groups I have. This year I have three groups, so I chunk the page into three. I write each lesson for each group on the page and stick it in a three ring binder. This way I can keep all the group lesson plan in one central location. Usually half way through the year I have to start with a new binder beause it gets stuffed after awhile, but it helps me keep all the lesson plans for each group in the same place. Hope this helps!