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Busy Bee Packet


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I was wondering about the monthly Busy Bee packet for early finishers. I usually make something similar and seasonal for the kids to work on. I was just wondering what you do with the packets.
If they are completed, do you check them (It is very time-consuming)?
Also, what do you do with the incomplete packets, as some kids rarely, if ever "finish early" to work on them. When you make a new packet, do you have those students continue to keep the old one, do you have them take it home, do you toss them????
Please advise!


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Busy Bee Packets

I use the Busy Bee packets. I usually have a lot in there so they don't finish them or at least only a few students might finish them before I pass out the next one. I don't check them off - they are used for their morning warm up time when I take attendance, collect homework, etc. I will walk around and check in to see how they are doing. They all take them home at the same time (when I pass out the new one). Hope this helps - let me know if you have more questions!