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Buying Math/Word Games for Centers


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I have plenty of homemade games that I use in centers, but I want to invest in some store-bought games that my students would love to play over and over again. Any suggestions? What do your kids love to play?


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I've not bought any but would like to soon. Lakeshore has some very nice games on their web site.


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Math games

I went to a workshop years ago and made "Math Partner Games" they are great...you introduce them each month. You can look online and find them and buy them made or not made for your class. I also have tons of lakeshore stuff and it is really good.


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Math Games

<!--lovestruck--> These are the favorites in my 2nd grade class:

Granny Apples - you have to add and subtract halves and wholes. My students LOVE this game (and there was a question on the SAT 10 last year that looked EXACTLY like the game!) You can get it on Amazon for under $10.

Zeus on the Loose - Adding, subtracting, rounding, etc...card game. You play cards to try and get to 100 without going over. Usually around $4 at Wal-Mart or Target.

Count Across / Count Down - Roll dice to add and subtract. Count Down has students put down a number - Count Across is like bingo. I think I got these at K-mart but I have seen them in educational supply catalogs.

Tip the Scale - Students hav eto make either side of the "scale" even. I got this at TJ Maxx.

Shapes Up (I think this is what it is called) - Students use triangles and squares to cover their board. Great for spacial sense and introducing geometry terms. I have seen this is teacher stores and catalogs.

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Math Challenge in a box

4 Way CountDown (by Cadaco) is a hit with my multiagers. Challenges addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Number keys are flipped to match roll of dice. It comes in a wooden box so is quite sturdy.